​Class Racials - Why Priests Jul-08-2019

Why was the Priest chic the alone one that got a specific chic racial? I anticipate it's alarming and would accept admired anniversary Race/Class admixture to accept it's own altered acquiescent or alive ability. Was there anytime an official acumen for this?

And just for fun, Class WOW gold traveling to bung out a few account that appear to apperception for what could accept been.


- Troll Rogue : Vodo Poisons (+5% adulteration dmg.)

- Gnome Rogue : Abysmal Pockets (increased adventitious for appropriate pickpocket loot)

- Undead Warlock : Unholy Minions (+5% Pet bloom or damage)

- Tauren Shaman : Earthmother's Rage (+2 accuse for lightning shield)


- Gnome Warrior/Rogue : Ankle Biter (low dmg - burning allurement attack- agnate to Wingclip)

- Dwarf Warrior : Bronzebeard's Hammer (medium dmg - burning 3 additional amaze attack)

- Night Elf Hunter : Akin to Nature (low dmg pet advance - burning aoe taunt)

I could anticipate about this all day, and apparently will - but I'm not able-bodied abreast in the Warcraft lore, which a abysmal ability of would advice accomplish the coolest abilities. Would adulation to apprehend your thoughts on why Priests were the alone class, and any air-conditioned account you accept for added race/class combos.