Classic Guide: How to Success in Warsong Gulch Battleground Dec-08-2019

Warsong Gulch is a 10v10 Capture the Flag battleground in WOW Classic. As all other battlegrounds, players must be at least level 10 to join, and will be filtered by level. Level players between the ages of 10-19 fight alongside each other, while players between levels 20-29 share the battlefield. For obvious reasons, players at level 60 will only be able to fight against other characters at the highest level.

After entering Warsong Gulch, Alliance players will start from Silverwing Fortress, while Horde players will start from Warsong Lumberyard. Each team's base has a camp flag and can capture the opponent's flag three times in 25 minutes to win.

There are many ways for the team to complete the game in Warsong Gulch: Capture the enemy's flag 3 times; when the time runs out, the maximum limit; if tied, it will become the last team to capture the flag; All factions will lose.

Battleground Layout

The map is split in half in the middle. To the north of the map, the parts belonging to the Alliance are verdant, while the southern tribal lands are arid.

Each base shares some similarities:

Each base has a main tunnel, a ramp on the right and two floors accessible only from the inside.

Unlike the retail, flag carriers will not be affected by forced attack deductions.

A buff can be found in three separate locations on each side of the map. Rage can be found in the westernmost buildings on each side, restoring the easternmost buildings in each camp, and the speed in the tunnels at each base. Each gain is reborn after a set time.

Players with a banner will not be able to use skills that grant immunity, such as Aegis, without dropping it.

Players can use most items while holding the flag.

Basic Strategy

Most of the teams you meet in this BG will choose a basic strategy that is usually effective because most of the time, teams are made up of random people who lack coordination. The strategy is as follows:

One or two DPS, generally classes who have a pet or can stealth, are left behind in your base to defend your flag. Their objective is not to repel any enemy assaults, but rather to waste their time by slowing them down, and even killing some of the attacking force.

The other members of the team group and embrace the right side of the map. During this time, some of your teams may try to attack another faction. In this case, others should fight with them (preferably), or most likely let them die tragically in the hands of the enemy. There are two options:

If you decide to rush forward with other teams, you may end up in two ways: either successfully stopping the enemy from advancing and pushing backwards, or all dead. In the first case, you might be able to push and capture the flags easily. However, in the second step, you will lose the cap yourself. When you end up with your opponent in the middle of the map, make sure one of your teams actively raises the enemy's flag. If no one else does, take it to the enemy base.

If you decide to let your allies kill yourself, then as you move further into the enemy's territory, you are likely to fight alongside about 3 or 4 other players. In this case, get together at all costs and meet at enemy bases in order to grab their flag. When you encounter enemy flag carriers on your way back, intercept and kill them as soon as possible so that your team can return the flags immediately.

In both cases, the following results can usually be expected:

Your flag carrier should stay at your base with one or two DPS and most therapists in the team. It's too bad if you don't have them. If you have 3 DPS, leave 2 for the logo carrier.

Any player who should not be defending should be concentrated in the enemy base to kill the enemy's flagship. Even if you see the enemy doing the same thing and refueling your base, don't split because your strength is in numbers. Let it be, nothing.

Either focus your damage on the enemy's banner carrier or focus on the enemy's healer. If you choose to focus on the flag carrier, make sure to heal the therapist effectively to limit his treatment to the target.

If you die while attacking their base, and your banner carrier is alive, please do not return to the enemy base immediately. Instead, defend yourself until the road is clear, at which point you can rejoin the surviving attackers.

Alternate Strategy

If you can communicate with your team, or you know most of them, you can use another more direct strategy. Here are the key points of this risk strategy:

Don't leave anyone to defend.

Group and leave the base. After entering the outdoors, charge the enemy forces.

Two to three players should be disengaged and kill the players (sometimes players) who left the battle to chase the banner.

At the same time, a player on your team (preferably a more mobile player or a player who can use the tank CD) should chase the enemy's banner

Once you kill the player behind the banner, leave the main battle to other players and then help your own banner carrier.

When you place it together in the middle of the map, you will most likely meet a player holding a banner. You can easily kill the player because your team is already grouped and their team is scattered on the map.

Capture the flag and prepare to go to the enemy's base again, because if your plan goes according to plan, your enemy will be in chaos.

Important note: This strategy is very risky. If your team is inadequate or unable to communicate reliably, it will lead to a disastrous defeat and make room for your enemies!