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Diablo 4: Anniversary Event Guide 2024

Jun-22-2024 PST

Diablo 4 is celebrating its first anniversary with an exciting event, "March of the Goblins & Mother’s Blessing." Here's everything you need to know about the event, including dates, rewards, and tips to make the most of it.

Event Dates

The 2024 Diablo IV Anniversary Event took place from June 6 to June 20, marking the first anniversary of Diablo IV and the second anniversary of Diablo Immortal.

March of the Goblins

Dates: June 6-13

During this period, the game world of Sanctuary will see increased spawn rates of Treasure Goblin monsters. These goblins are known to hoard and drop more loot than usual, making them prime targets for adventurous players.

Goblin Spawns:

Goblins may spawn in pairs or larger groups in dungeons for greater loot potential.

Greed shrines, boosting loot dropped by goblins, will appear more frequently.


Hunt down roaming bands of goblins across the lands for bountiful rewards.

Explore dungeons for increased goblin spawns and chances for richer loot.

Keep an eye out for Greed shrines to maximize your rewards.

Mother’s Blessing

Dates: June 6-15

During Mother’s Blessing, players will enjoy:

25% bonus to experience gain

50% increased gold found in Diablo 4

These bonuses are multiplicative and stack with other XP/gold bonuses like Elixirs, providing a significant boost to character progression and wealth acquisition.


Take advantage of the XP and gold boosts to level up faster and accumulate wealth.

Play multiple characters to maximize the benefits across all game modes and difficulties.

Use the boost to advance Battle Passes, reach higher character levels, and complete Season Journeys efficiently.

Anniversary Rewards

Claim Your Gifts: From June 6-20, log in to Diablo IV to claim free cosmetic gifts from the in-game shop.

Special Commemorative Items: The developers are offering special cosmetic rewards to honor the anniversary, available at no cost during the event.

Extended Claim Period: Don't worry about missing a day; you have until June 20 to claim all anniversary gifts, ensuring everyone can enjoy the commemorative items.


The Diablo 4 Anniversary Event 2024 promises exciting gameplay with boosted loot from Treasure Goblins, enhanced experience, gold gains during Mother’s Blessing, and free cosmetic rewards for all players. Join the celebrations, hunt down goblins, level up your characters, and claim your special gifts to commemorate the anniversary in style!