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Diablo 4 Season 4 Best Pit Builds - Top 4 S Tier Pit Builds

Jun-22-2024 PST

In Diablo 4 Season 4, the Pit has become a focal point for many players aiming to enhance their gear with Masterwork enhancements. Whether you're looking to efficiently clear lower Pit levels for initial Masterwork procs or aiming for higher tiers for greater Diablo 4 Gold rewards, having the right build can make all the difference. Here are the top 4 S Tier Pit builds in Diablo 4 Season 4 that players are using to conquer the challenges of the Pit and maximize their loot.

1. Necromancer Minion Pit Build (Minion Necromancer)

The Minion Necromancer is a specialized boss killer build that excels at defeating tough bosses like Duriel and Andariel quickly. It's also highly effective in handling Pit runs, making it a versatile choice for players looking to maximize their time and loot.


Primary: 1 Army of the Dead, 1 Corpse Explosion

Secondary: 1 Raise Skeleton, 1 Golem, 5 Corpse Tendrils, 1 Decrepify

Book of the Dead:

Skeletal Warriors: Skeletal Warriors Reapers (2)

Skeletal Mages: Skeletal Mages Shadow (1)

Skeletal Golems: Golems Blood (2)


Weapon: Blighted Aspect

Helm: Aspect of Occult Dominion

Armor: Aspect of Hardened Bones

Gloves: Aspect of Reanimation

Pants: Blood Getter's Aspect

Boots: Aphotic Aspect

Amulet: Unyielding Commander's Aspect

Ring: Aspect of Frenzied Dead, Aspect of Inner Calm

2. Blizzard Sorcerer Pit Build (Blizzard Sorcerer)

The Blizzard Sorcerer build is a powerful choice for Pit runs, capable of handling high-tier content with its strong damage output and survivability. It leverages the Glacial Aspect to deal massive damage to bosses, making it an excellent option for Sorcerer players.


Primary: 1 Blizzard, 5 Teleport

Secondary: 1 Ice Armor, Flame Shield, 1 Ice Blades, 1 Lightning Spear

Enchantments: Frozen Orb, Fire Bolt


Weapon: Glacial Aspect

Helm: Snowguard's Aspect

Armor: Everliving Aspect

Gloves: Conceited Aspect

Pants: Tibault's Will

Boots: Esu's Heirloom

Amulet: Storm Swell Aspect

Ring: Tal Rasha's Iridescent Loop, Aspect of the Frozen Tundra

3. Hurricane Druid Pit Build (HurriCrit)

The HurriCrit Druid build is a top choice for Pit runs, offering incredible damage output and survivability. It can handle high-tier Pit levels and is capable of tanking hits from Pit 100 bosses with ease, making it a comfortable and effective build for Druid players.


Primary: 1 Ravens, 1 Wolves

Secondary: 1 Poison Creeper, 1 Petrify, 1 Maul, 13 Hurricane


Weapon: Bonebreaker of the Tempest

Helm: Tempest Roar

Armor: Steadfast Tunic of Fevered Mauling

Gloves: Runic Gloves of the Changeling’s Debt

Pants: Runic Leggings of Might

Boots: Steadfast Boots of Metamorphosis

Amulet: Shepherd’s Amulet

Ring: Band of the Unsatiated, Band of the Stampede

Spirit Boons:

Deer: Wariness

Eagle: Iron Feather

Wolf: Packleader

Snake: Masochistic

4. Raid Fire Rogue Pit Build (Rapid Fire Rogue)

The Rapid Fire Rogue build is an S tier choice for Pit runs, capable of clearing tier 100 Pits in just 3 minutes. It's also effective against Uber bosses like Uber Duriel and Uber Andariel, making it a versatile and powerful build for Rogue players.


Primary: 1 Puncture, Clatrops

Secondary: 15 Rapid Fire, 1 Cold Imbuement, 1 Shadow Step, 1 Dash


Weapon: Edgemaster's Warcaster

Offhand: Obsidian Blade of the Expectant, Rapid Obsidian Blade

Helm: Runic Skullcap of Concussive Strikes

Armor: Runic Mail of Might

Gloves: Runic Gloves of Retribution

Pants: Undying Runic Leggings

Boots: Frostbitten Runic Cleats

Amulet: Umbrous Necklace

Ring: Scoundrel's Kiss, Accelerating Ring

These top 4 S Tier Pit builds in Diablo 4 Season 4 are tried and tested by players aiming to excel in the Pit and acquire powerful loot. Choose the build that suits your playstyle and embark on a journey of conquest in the depths of Diablo 4's challenges!