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Diablo 4 Season 4: Best Uber Lilith Build

Jun-17-2024 PST

1. Bash Barbarian

This build focuses on high DPS and survivability, making it suitable for taking on Uber Lilith.


Helm: Harlequin Crest

Armor: Undying Aspect

Gloves: Paingorger's Gauntlets

Pants: Aspect of Might

Boots: Hectic Aspect

Amulet: Aspect of Adaptability

Rings: Aspect of Inner Calm, Aspect of Elements

Main Weapon: Aspect of the Moonrise

Slashing Weapon: Rapid Aspect

Dual-wield Weapon: Edgemaster's Aspect, Aspect of Berserk Ripping

Skill Trees

Basic: 5 Bash (Enhanced, Combat)

Core: 1 Hammer of the Ancients (Enhanced, Violent)

Defensive: 1 Rallying Cry (Enhanced, Strategic), 3 Imposing Presence, 3 Martial Vigor, 1 Outburst, 1 Tough as Nails

Brawling: 5 War Cry (Enhanced), 3 Booming Voice, 3 Aggressive Resistance

Weapon Mastery: 1 Steel Grasp (Enhanced, Fighter's), 3 Pit Fighter, 2 No Mercy, 3 Slaying Strike, 1 Thick Skin, 3 Counteroffensive

Ultimate: 1 Call of the Ancients (Prime, Supreme), 2 Heavy Handed, 3 Wallop

Key Passive: Unconstrained

2. Golem Necromancer

This build focuses on summoning minions and dealing burst damage to quickly defeat Uber Lilith.


Helm: Blood Getter's Doom Casque

Armor: Adventurer's Tunic of Hardened Bones

Gloves: Sovereign Vambraces of Grasping Veins

Pants: Primal Chausses of Occult Dominion

Boots: Aphotic Warlord Boots

Amulet: Unyielding Commander's Amulet

Rings: Band of Reanimation, Circle of Frenzied Dead

Main Weapon: Blighted Dragon Spine

Skill Trees

Basic: 1 Reap (Enhanced)

Core: 1 Blight (Enhanced, Supernatural), 3 Hewed Flesh

Macabre: 4 Blood Mist (Enhanced, Ghastly), 3 Spiked Armor, 3 Skeletal Warrior Mastery, 1 Grim Harvest, 3 Fueled by Death

Curse Skills: 1 Decrepify (Enhanced, Abhorrent), 3 Amplify Damage, 3 Death's Embrace, 3 Death's Approach, 3 Skeletal Mage Mastery

Corpse: Corpse Tendrils (Enhanced, Plagued), 3 Necroic Carapace

Ultimate: 1 Army of the Dead (Prime, Supreme), 3 Inspiring Leader, 7 Hellbent Commander, 6 Golem Mastery

These builds should give you a solid foundation to tackle Uber Lilith in Diablo 4 Season 4. Adjustments can be made based on your playstyle and available Diablo 4 gold and gear. Good luck!