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Diablo 4 Season 4 Resplendent Spark Farming Guide

Jun-15-2024 PST

Resplendent Sparks are a rare crafting material introduced in Diablo IV Season 4, crucial for crafting Uber Unique items like the Harlequin Crest. This guide will outline the various methods to obtain Resplendent Sparks efficiently.

How to Get Resplendent Sparks

1. First Resplendent Spark

The first Resplendent Spark is acquired by defeating your first Tormented Boss. These bosses are level 200 and tougher than their counterparts, requiring more materials and 2 Stygian Stones to summon. The easiest Tormented boss to start with is Lord Zir. Note that you can only obtain this Spark once per account, regardless of how many characters you level.

2. Second Resplendent Spark

Defeating Uber Lilith for the first time rewards the second Resplendent Spark. While challenging, building a strong Diablo 4 Uber Lilith build can help you through the encounter. There was a bug where this Spark wasn't rewarded, but it has been fixed. Like the first Spark, this can only be obtained once per account.

3. Third Resplendent Spark

The third Spark comes from earning Iron Wolves Reputation. By completing events and defeating mobs in Helltide, you unlock tiers of caches at the Iron Wolf Camp, with the final one containing a Resplendent Spark. This reputation grind can be repeated on each character, potentially providing unlimited Sparks.

4. Fourth Resplendent Spark

The fourth method is by looting and salvaging an Uber Unique item. These can drop randomly from mobs (with a low chance), from summoned bosses like Varshan and the Beast in the Ice (with a slightly higher chance), or from Duriel and Andariel with a 2% chance per kill, which increases in Tormented versions. Focus on farming Duriel for Uber Uniques due to the higher drop chance.

Farming Strategies

Duriel Farming: Join groups rotating summoning and killing Uber Duriel. With luck, you may get an Uber Unique to salvage for Sparks.

Uber Lilith: If your build is strong or with help, defeat Uber Lilith for a free Spark.

Iron Wolf Reputation: Level alts in Helltide to grind Iron Wolf's reputation, allowing multiple Sparks per account.

Optimizing Spark Collection

For fastest Sparks:

Defeat a Tormented boss for one Spark.

Max out Iron Wolf rep on your main character for the second.

Farm Uber Duriel for the remaining Sparks or defeat Uber Lilith.

By leveraging these methods, you can efficiently farm Resplendent Sparks in Diablo 4 Season 4 and craft powerful Uber Unique items for your character.