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Diablo 4 Season 4: The Pit Tier List Class & Build Ranking

Jun-17-2024 PST

As Diablo 4 Season 4 unfolds, the spotlight shines on The Pit as the prime testing ground for top-tier players. This guide breaks down the best classes and builds, empowering you to conquer The Pit and excel in general gameplay.

1. Barbarian (S Tier): High-Tier Versatility

The Barbarian reigns supreme in The Pit, thanks to its versatile builds catering to different play styles:

Thorns or Bash Barbarian: Maximize Thorns damage for sustained damage output.

Frenzy Rupture Barbarian: Inflict massive bleeding damage for burst DPS.

Bleed Bash Barbarian: Utilize Bash for amplified bleed effects.

2. Rogue (A Tier): Precision and Agility

The Rogue excels with builds like:

Heartseeker Rogue: Focus on precision and critical strikes for high damage.

Penetrating Shot Rogue: Maximize Penetrating Shot for increased lucky hits.

Rapid Fire Rogue: Control crowds with rapid, crowd-control-based attacks.

3. Sorcerer (A Tier): Strategic Elemental Mastery

The Sorcerer's top builds include:

Firebolt Firewall Sorcerer: Perfect execution yields immense fire-based damage.

Immortal Fireball Sorcerer: Unparalleled survivability with high damage.

Shatter Firebolt Sorcerer: Controlled bursts against frozen enemies for high damage.

4. Necromancer (B Tier): Commanding the Undead

Necromancer's notable builds are:

Necromancer Golem Build (Holy Bolts): Utilize Holy Bolts for burst damage.

Minion Mastery Necromancer: Command minions for high crowd control.

Shadow Mage Necromancer: Consistent damage with Shadow Mages.

5. Druid (C Tier): Underdog Potential

Druid's standout builds include:

Tornado Werewolf Druid: Fast-paced gameplay with good damage.

Wind Shear Druid: Ranged attacks with tanking abilities for survivability.

Choosing the Right Build

Your choice depends on play style, engagement level, and goals. For The Pit, prioritize builds that offer high damage, survivability, and crowd control. Experiment with different setups to find what suits your style best.

As you delve deeper into Diablo 4 Season 4, mastering The Pit will elevate your gameplay and showcase your true endgame power. Don't forget to manage your Diablo 4 Gold correctly to make your strength more stable and powerful. Good luck, adventurer!