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Diablo 4 Season 4: What Carries Over

May-16-2024 PST

As Diablo 4 Season 4 approaches, players anticipate a fresh start with new characters while retaining some of their hard-earned progress from previous playthroughs. Here's a breakdown of what carries over into Season 4 and how it affects your gameplay experience.


Beginning a New Season


Starting a new season in Diablo 4 requires players to begin anew with a fresh character, prohibiting the use of characters from previous seasons or non-seasonal characters. However, for those who have already completed the campaign with a previous character, the option to skip the campaign is available. This grants access to all endgame content, such as capstone dungeons and Helltide events, upon starting a new seasonal character. While the main story quests are skipped, side quests and events remain accessible, allowing for continued exploration and progression.


Carryover Features


Renown: All Renown earned in Diablo 4 is tied to the player's Blizzard profile rather than individual characters. As a result, Renown earned from previous seasons carries over into Season 4. This includes rewards obtained from completing Renown challenges, providing players with a head start and additional resources for their new characters.


Map Progress: The exploration progress made on the map, including unshrouded areas, unlocked waypoints, and activated Altars of Lilith, carries over to new seasonal characters. This not only contributes to overall Renown but also grants permanent stat buffs from activated Altars, facilitating character progression and making subsequent playthroughs more efficient.


Timing Your Seasonal Start


Deciding when to embark on a new season depends on individual circumstances and progress within the game. For first-time players or those with minimal progress, diving into the current season offers numerous benefits, including accelerated leveling, active seasonal perks, and experiencing the campaign alongside additional features. At the same time, you can save Diablo 4 Gold for Season 4 faster than others.


For players with existing characters, the ideal time to start a new season is determined by their current progress. Completing the campaign and unlocking key features such as the full map and Renown challenges sets players up for success in Season 4, providing a comprehensive foundation for future endeavors. Additionally, completing side quests and maximizing Renown before starting a new season maximizes rewards and facilitates smoother progression.




Diablo 4 Season 4 offers both new and experienced players the opportunity for a fresh start while retaining valuable progress from previous playthroughs. By understanding what carries over into the new season and strategically timing your seasonal start, you can optimize your gameplay experience and embark on a rewarding journey through the dark world of Sanctuary. Whether you're delving into Diablo 4 for the first time or returning for another adventure, Season 4 promises exciting challenges and opportunities for growth.