Dire Maul Ahead of Schedule Comes to W0W Classic Update Oct-08-2019

W0W official Entertainment detailed the next big patch of W0W. The 8.3 update is the vision of N'Zoth and has entered the public test realm today. And it has increased a lot.

This includes two new league races: the fox-like Vulpera for the Horde, and the robotic Mechagnomes for the Alliance. This will give the player two new game attempts. This update also brings some changes that fans have been asking for years, including a remodeled auction house that promises to make shopping W0W classic gold easier.

W0W Classic and Battle for Azeroth are about to get a ton of new content thanks to these updates.

For W0W Classic fans, the big news is that the Dire Maul dungeon will be added to the game on October 15. Previously, Dire Maul was supposed to be added to W0W Classic during the game's "Phase 2" content period (which is still set to be released later this year), but it seems that W0W official has decided to move its release up in order to inject some new content into the game for those who are power grinding through the retro experience.

For those who don't know, Dire Maul is a carefully crafted W0W dungeon that is divided into wings (similar to the structure of the classic Scarlett Abbey instance of W0W). The best thing to remember is its world gain, elaborate running skills (allowing players to subtly skip large areas by using some mechanisms) and the stunning PvP area, allowing members of the same faction to fight and gain some rarity equipment. It is also home to some of the better loot in its range.

The rest of the rest of the second phase will still be released later this year, but it does set an interesting precedent for the distribution of W0W Classic content. Previously, W0W official seemed to be committed to maintaining the release structure of the game's original content in terms of updates. However, it seems that they are at least willing to change this format.

In other news from W0W, W0W official announced that they are preparing a large-scale new content update for the Battle of Azeroth, called "N'Zoth Vision", in which a new raid will be launched, adding two The new playable race, overhauled the series of auction houses, and more. If you want to know everything in the retail version of the game and to buy classic W0W gold, we strongly recommend that you review the full video category of its content updates.

Becoming a Warcraft fan is an exciting time. The classic version of W0W is getting stronger, the Battle of Azeroth is getting some much-needed updates, and W0W official usually seems to be more enthusiastic about franchising than it has been for years.