Guide to Be A Better Healer in WoW Classic Oct-10-2019

What's the scary job you think in WOW Classic dungeon? Without a doubt, the answer is Healing. It requires a high degree of concentration and awareness, but it also requires a lot of WOW classic gold and quick thinking skills. You never really know how much damage an ally will do, when the damage hits, or who will hit if the enemy is on your side of the team. However, if you have the courage to wrap the group's wounds, then dozens of DPS characters will struggle for this coveted opportunity, and you will have no difficulty. Now here is a Healer guide for you.

Priest healer guide - Preist talent spec and build

The more clearly defined healing class in WOW Classic, the Priest is a well-rounded healer will access to not only bountiful heals, but plentiful shield and buffs, too. They can only use armor armor, so if the mob escapes the tank holder, they are vulnerable to greater damage and have to fight other casters to prevent falling. Literally, lower-level spells can be difficult to cope with changing needs and the conservation of mana, but the slowness of adopting this approach does not stop newcomers.

Considering that we are looking for a 15-20 level of this guide, designating it as Holy will not have a major impact on the solo level and will significantly increase the healing potential. At the same time choose treatment focus and sacred specialization, so that the treatment effect is occasionally improved without having to panic because of the displaced enemy, because these enemies will weaken your outing skills.

Shaman healer guide - Shamen talent spec and build

Having access to a shield makes the Shaman a bulkier healer than the Priest. Their totems provide a beneficial gain, and their main healing spells - healing waves - become stronger each time they are subsequently cast against the same target. This makes the shaman's mechanical strength heavier than other therapists, requiring players to think more about the effects of their spells to maximize their mana efficiency.

Just like their simple treatment, an effective 15 to 20 shaman build is easy to understand. Maximizing improved healing waves and tidal focus in the recovery tree will make your treatment faster and consume less mana in the long run. This means less treatment time and greatly reduces the fear of running mana reserves.

Paladin healer guide - Paladin talent spec and build

A visually odd choice of healer given their use of heavy armor and shields, the Paladin is a competent healer with the kind of survivability newcomers can get behind. They even have the least amount of dedicated healing spells to toss out. They're more known for helpful buffs than their heals, but they get the job done and should be seen as a very beginner-friendly choice.

The whole point of the healer Paladin talent tree is to unlock Holy Shock. But it's at the bottom of the Holy tree and not somewhere we'll reach when in our first few dungeon runs. The focus eventually turns to improving party buffs, but we'll make a start on the Holy tree to grab the increased Intellect from Divine Intellect and the healing spell knockback reduction from Spiritual Focus.

Druid healer guide - Druid talent spec and build

The Druid doesn't look like much without the Treant form from WOW‘s first expansion, but they're very powerful healers even without it. The druid pushes above other classes for party and raid heals at later levels, but can deal with the kinds of spike damage reserved for tanks just fine, too. The heal over time effects of many Druid heals make them less straight-forward than most other healers, however, so they're not brilliant first-time choices.

Speccing your Resto Druid at this level range has a slight bit of choice. You'll want to max out Improved Call of the Wild for obvious reasons, but it's the second row of the tree where you'll need to stop and think. You end up wanting to maximize "improved healing" and "natural focus" through buy gold classic WOW, so weigh your position to reduce cast time or reduce interruptions and choose the method you think you need first. Or spread your opinion to them.