How to Tank at the Different Places in WOW Classic Oct-13-2019

Tanking in WOW is one of the most stressful experiences you can afford. People's lives are imminent, and you separate them from heavy maintenance bills and then travel long distances back to the main role of decaying bodies. However, due to the increasing demand for these meat shields, tank shooting in WOW or have enough classic WOW gold is the only way to ensure rapid grouping. In this WOW Classic tanking guide, we’re going to touch on how to tank at the different places in game.

How to tank at the Ragefire Chasm

Count yourself lucky if you’re rolling Horde or manage to chance your way into Orgrimmar. Ragefire Chasm is the lowest-level dungeon in the game. Its simple pathing and basic mechanics make it the easiest, too — a great way for newcomers to practice tanking.

Ragefire Chasm has a mix of Elemental and Trogg enemies for the most part; many of which are melee-based. If there’s a ranged-based attacker like a Shaman, chances are there’s only one in the pack.

Just grab the melee mobs and waddle over to the shaman to group them up. Tab-target to maintain aggro. Warrior or Druid tanks will want to use shouts when possible.

How to tank at the Deadmines

If you are leveling up in the Eastern Kingdoms, then the "Administrator in the Western Wilderness" will be your first real five-person dungeon. This is a series of claustrophobic tunnels, you have no choice but to deal with more enemies. There are many non-elite people working on the rock wall, so be prepared to fill your elite bags with these scattered people.

The tank will need to check its corners to avoid pulling too many enemies. Sometimes, the extra elite suit will consist of three completely different human mobs that will sneak away from the area you have cleaned up, so if they get stuck, be prepared to quickly strip them from the other members of the party. Interrupt the sight of the remote attacker to avoid running on the map, which may attract more creatures in the process.

Every tank class needs to maintain its target to maintain hatred, so warriors should avoid trying to use Rend against immune-mechanical enemies to avoid starving their Rage. If possible, pull each backpack back from its initial starting position to avoid low horsepower enemies escaping and attracting more enemies.

How to tank at the Wailing Caverns

If you've already done leveling in Kalimdor, it's relatively convenient. The Wailing Caverns in the barren land is another entry-level dungeon that is perfect for first-time tanks. If you are coming from Ragefire Chasm, please prepare your first experience in a nonlinear dungeon.

Most of the enemies in this dungeon can heal themselves and put sleep on you and your teammates. This is a great time for anyone to use learning tag positioning with your cheap WOW gold classic and is accustomed to using dizziness and interruptions that may need to be overwhelmed. Be careful about the number of mobs you pull out at once.

Beyond the trick, you will climb all the way to level 60, just pay attention to the incoming crowd control effect, let your team throw something to make things easier, and from this raptor Gain gains in the dungeon. Even the boss casts treatment and sleep spells. Again; this is a good time for Shield Bash.