Most Powerful and Useful World Buffs in WOW classic Dec-17-2019

Each player may spend some time in the game looking at the differences between WOW and Classic, and these differences are many. There is usually no LFG option in Classic, which usually finds any group instantly-the only way to get into the dungeons of your choice is to chat aloud. Dungeons and Raids have only one difficulty level-no heroes, myths, and especially no seasonal affixes. And you won't find the multi-tier achievement system in the retail version. In fact, it didn't work at all!

A wingside spectator may think that the game is not entertaining-everything is too difficult, boring and unfriendly. However, it is these things that attract many players. WOW Classic is not eager to achieve success and automatic action, but to think beforehand, make decisions and act together.

There are two main types of gain states in WOW: personal buffs, such asMark of the Wild for Druids orBlessing of Might for Paladins and so-called World Buffs, which must first meet these requirements. Sometimes this is not easy. World Buff has a powerful attribute increase index, which makes them the most willing to get, because each of them greatly enhances the team's attack power.

Well-dressed teams can beat Boss without a World buff, but they are absolutely essential if you want to play on TPS / DPS / HPS meters. However, they need to work hard and quickly as they need a lot of coordination and patience between guild members and even other guild members so that factions can work together and absorb as much gain as possible. As long as a player of a certain faction turns around in the head of a concrete boss, the most powerful world buff will be activated. These people are: the head of Rend Blackhand, the head of Onyxia, the head of Nefarian and the heart of Hakkar. When handing in these quest items, all players in the handover area will receive special buffs for one or two hours.

These buffs may gather in multiple areas of Azeroth, often depending on where the boss of a particular boss is located.

Here is the most powerful and useful shortlist for World Buffs:

Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer. Increases the critical chance of spells by 10%, melee and ranged by 5%, and grants 140 attack power (AP). 120 Minutes duration;

Songflower Serenade. +15 to all stats, +5% to Spell/Melee/Ranged Crit. Lasts for 60 Minutes;

Resist Fire. +83 to Fire Resistance. Lasts for 60 Minutes;

Warchief's Blessing. +300 hit points (HP), +15% to Melee Haste, +10 mana regeneration every 5 Seconds (MP5). Lasts for 60 Minutes (Horde only);

DM North Buffs (DM Tribute). +15% of Max HP, +200 AP, +3% of Spell Crit. 120 Minutes duration;

Sayge’s Fortunes (may be obtained only during the Darkmoon Faire event). Choose between +10% Damage/+10% Agility, Intellect, Spirit, Stamina or Strength/+10% armor/+25 magic resist. 120 Minutes duration;

Spirit of Zandalar. +10% to Movement Speed, +15% Stats. Lasts for 120 Minutes;

Lordaeron's Blessing Effect (DND). +5% of Max HP. Lasts for 30 Minutes;

Traces of Silithyst. +5% Damage. Lasts for 30 Minutes.

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