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Now Visit the Best Cities in World of Warcraft Classic

Oct-25-2019 PST
Are you wonder about the popularity of WOW? Why are so many people excited about a 15-year-old game? This involves not only game mechanics, talent trees or recent film adaptations. Older games have many features in aesthetics that were designed before options such as independent flight. Even if you don't have a chain of exploration or a dungeon running towards you, several cities and WOW classic gold with a little Azeroth classic battle are worth a visit. This is the best cities in WOW Classic.

TOP 5: Thunder Bluff, Mulgore

Thunder Bluff has always been ahead of the times. It's all about geography, inclusiveness and sustainability. The streets of the city can be seen clearly, and anyone who respects the custom of the Tauren will be accepted. The whole thing is driven by the wind. There are no annoying goblins or gnome machines here, and the background music consists of soothing drums.

The Tauren is a popular place, but the only way for Alliance players to see the city is through a raid. It is well known that the city is difficult to raid, which is another matter from the tribal perspective. Sometimes, even the most passionate PVPer requires a shelter.

TOP 4: Darkshire, Duskwood

Horde players travel to Darkshire just to see the league version of Tirisfal Glades. The curved Gothic building looks great and gives the city a ghostly romance, but it doesn't seem to fit. The sunny Elwynn Forest and the delightful Red Ridge Mountains are next door to the south, the tropical Stranglethorn Vale. As you delve into this knowledge, you will find the darkness that infiltrates from Karazhan in the east. Follow the road leading to the Swamp of Sorrows, find a shelter in Ha, a forgotten sanctuary, and talk about things that seem out of place.

TOP 3: Stormwind, Elwynn Forest

Most people think Stormwind is just too sprawling, while others like canals, green spaces and medieval stone designs. Stormwind did show off a little, but it was the capital of the Union and might even feel that it had to overcompensate for the loss of Lordaeron. The city is divided into convenient sections, so although it is large, it is at least organized. It is connected to the Ironforge by tram, and you can travel to various places through the harbour, making it a convenient transportation hub and a very cool city.

TOP 2: Sun Rock Retreat, Stonetalon Mountains

Are you tired of the love in Hillsbrad? Last time you stared at you in The Barrens general chat? Then head to Sun Rock Retreat and stay away from everything. The geography is reminiscent of real life in Colorado, where there are plenty of sandstone hills and lush greenery, which is more serene than the rest of Kalimdor. This is not a transportation hub, it is the point, but when you are eager for peace and quiet, this is a good place to upgrade.

TOP 1: Undercity, Tirisfal Glades

This may be just the spirit of the season, but the Undercity dominates the top spot. The design is practical and somewhat similar to Thunder Bluff because it is round, so there is no distance too far. The music is both weird and soothing, and the color scheme is dim and dark, ranging from bright green to deep blue and purple. The details of the walls and decorations are pleasing to the eye. If you dare to stop and look around, there are eyeless skulls everywhere. Visit the our website and enjoy UP TO 8% CLASSIC BONUS of the game!