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Summoning Andariel in Diablo 4 Season 4

May-13-2024 PST

Embark on a thrilling journey in Season Four of "Diablo 4" as you prepare to face the formidable Andariel, a new endgame boss awaiting your challenge. Unlike her infamous brother Duriel, Andariel brings her own unique trials and treasures to the battlefield. This guide will walk you through the process of summoning Andariel, ensuring you're well-prepared for the encounter.


1. Gathering Materials:


Similar to Duriel, summoning Andariel requires two specific materials: Sandscorched Shackles and Pincushioned Dolls. These items can be obtained by defeating two distinct bosses:


Sandscorched Shackles: Acquire these shackles by vanquishing Lord Zir, a formidable adversary lurking in the depths of the realm.

Pincushioned Dolls: Secure these dolls by triumphing over The Beast in the Ice, a fearsome foe residing in the frigid expanse.


With these materials in hand, you're one step closer to facing the challenge that Andariel presents. Additionally, the loot table for Andariel mirrors that of Duriel, offering enticing rewards and encouraging diversity in boss encounters.


2. Alternate Routes:


Embrace the opportunity presented by Andariel's summoning ritual to explore alternative avenues for acquiring coveted uniques and unlocking the potential for uber rewards. By diversifying your boss encounters, you can not only access Andariel's domain but also potentially uncover rare treasures previously overlooked.


Furthermore, the accessibility of Exquisite Blood and Distilled Fear, essential components for summoning Zir and The Beast, has been enhanced. Public events yield Exquisite Blood with greater frequency, while Distilled Fear can be obtained from formidable world bosses, streamlining your preparation for the summoning ritual.


3. Summoning Andariel:


Prepare yourself for the ultimate challenge as you venture to the Hanged Man's Hall lair nestled within the Scouring Sands region of Kehjistan. Upon reaching the Torment world tier, the path to Andariel's domain becomes accessible, awaiting your arrival with bated breath.


To summon Andariel, you must possess:    


Two Sandscorched Shackles

Two Pincushioned Dolls


These materials serve as the key to unlocking the gateway to Andariel's realm. Traverse the treacherous terrain of The Wounded Court, braving the perils that lie in wait, until you reach the sacred altar where Andariel awaits.


Keep in mind that Andariel, like her counterpart Duriel, is a formidable level 100 adversary, reserved for the most seasoned adventurers. For those seeking an even greater challenge, the option to summon the Tormented Echo version of Andariel exists, offering enhanced rewards in exchange for additional materials. Get more materials at Mywowgold.


Prepare yourself for a battle of epic proportions as you stand face-to-face with Andariel, the Queen of Anguish, in "Diablo 4" Season Four. Only the bravest and most skilled adventurers will emerge victorious from this harrowing encounter, claiming their rightful place among legends.


Are you ready to face the darkness and challenge Andariel in the depths of Kehjistan's sands? The fate of Sanctuary hangs in the balance, awaiting your heroic intervention.