The Way to Play W0W Classic on Mobile Oct-27-2019

With the release of "W0W Classic", players have the opportunity to play W0W official's popular MMO in their original, pre-expanded state, thousands of fans flocked into the game, because such high interest makes W0W official have to take a number of The login queue that the steps to solve was very long. On the first day, the number of viewers in this category on Twitch exceeded 1 million.

Now, W0W gold classic player has found a way to play W0W Classics by accessing games from a mobile device, even if they are not on the PC. Although games like W0W may not be very suitable for mobile games, players may need to use multiple functions, but the settings in this guide give him enough control to successfully deal with three enemies at a time - one does not A small feat in the "W0W" classic.

For those who want to be able to play games on their mobile phones, we also give an explanation of how to try. It is worth mentioning that although the methods involved do not clearly violate any of W0W official's regulations, they do not formally endorse or provide a mobile version.

How to play W0W Classic on mobile

First, you need to install Steam Link on your mobile device and link it to your Steam profile. To do this, you need to be on the same network as your PC. If the scan does not happen automatically, go to the Steam settings on your PC, select the Remote Play tab, and click Pair Steam Link. Then select the "Other Computers" option on the Steam Link, which will give you the code you entered in the dialog.

Add W0W Classic as a shortcut in Steam on your PC. To do this, go to the "Game" drop-down menu, or click "Add Game" and select "Add Non-Steam Game". You must add an executable that will launch W0W Classic directly, not just It can be found in the _classic_ folder of W0W installations - if there are multiple launchers, try using them until you find a launcher that can open the game directly and add it as a Steam shortcut 1.

Open the Steam link and choose to start playing. Open Settings in the upper right corner, then under Controller, select Basic Configuration and then select Desktop Configuration. From there select "Browse Configuration", go to "Templates" and select "Keyboard (WASD) and Mouse" at the bottom of the list. This will ensure that you have access to the necessary controls for the game. If you launch W0W Classic and cannot use the WASD control, return to these settings and make sure the Keyboard and Mouse template is set as the default template.

Launch W0W Classic from the library. After playing in the game, open the "Options" menu at the top left of the screen, open "Layout Options", and then add the WASD control. You can also arrange controls as needed. You can also change the mouse control scheme to whatever you like - we recommend using a direct cursor.

You can also turn on the settings in the game and change a few settings to make the mobile experience smoother, sometimes buy gold classic W0W can make things become easier. For key binding, we recommend that R and F move the hot bar up and down, while E recommends running automatically. You can also enable left-click interactions because right-clicking can be even more awkward. Change the graphics option to "Classic" because lower graphics can help the game run more smoothly with Steam Link.

Once you've made all the settings, you should be able to play W0W classics remotely on your mobile device - even though you need to have Steam running on your PC.

While playing W0W Classic on mobile devices may take some time to get used to, and never be as smooth as on a PC, for those who want to play games remotely, this approach works – just as As we have demonstrated, you can even be good at it. And keep in mind that now you can enjoy UP TO 8% CLASSIC BONUS on our website!