Transfer Your Characters Now in WOW Classic Dec-21-2019

World of Warcraft Classic character transfers is now available for a fee. Blizzard's earlier press release yesterday confirmed that the character transfer feature is now live for WoW Classic.

Although server transfer was initially unavailable, trust was placed in the whole real world of World of Warcraft: Classic, but it still came. The fact is that World of Warcraft requires players to invest a lot of time, so being able to transfer and spend time with friends is crucial to the longevity of the game. You can start doing this this week, but there are some conditions.

First, there is a 90-day cooldown on transfers, so make sure you do this before you pull the trigger. There is also a limit of wow classic gold related to player levels (1-30 can only take 100 gold coins, 31-50 can take 500 gold coins, and 51-60 can take 2000 gold coins). This is done to prevent gold farming and will only affect the most stubborn players, as this is a big change for casual fans. You also cannot transfer from PVE to PVP or from RP to RP-PVP.

Oh, and it costs money, just like the live version of the game! $ 25 per character move. Also, make sure you are 100% comfortable before proceeding. If you consider the free transfers that Blizzard has granted players in all areas in the past, the cost will be much less.

For more information, check out official website.