Two World Bosses Comes to WOW Classic Nov-26-2019

Now two world bosses comes to WOW Classic. In WOW Classics, world bosses are considered as raid bosses because it requires a party of more than five players to shoot them down. By definition, bosses in the world are outside.


The first boss was Azuregos. He is a member of Blue Dragonflight and already lives in Asshara. He is wary of the remaining magical artifacts. The player needs to convene a group that can withstand his cold reception in order to make claims about the items he protects. As they say, defeated the winner. For hunters, this means the chance to get the flakes of ancient new packaging. Although the chance of this item falling on the Blue Elite Dragon is small, it is certain that it dropped from Azuregos.

This item is suitable for hunter class and requires players to reach level 60 to equip. Bind this unique item when picked up to increase ranged attack speed by 15% when equipped. This is indeed an excellent project for hunters.

Azuregos can be found in Azshara. Players must reach level 60 to have the chance to knock down the beast. Finally, it is recommended that at least 40 players cooperate to get a chance of victory.

Lord Kazzak

The second world boss is Lord Kazzak. He can be found in the polluted Scar-Blasting Land, so the team needs to find the best tracker and fighter to find him and fight. He lived and toured the area deep in the scar and was willing to attack anyone who crossed his path. A team of 40 players must reach at least level 60, and they need to prepare for fast and fierce battles. Keep an eye on his Shadow Arrow volley, it will cause a lot of damage throughout the team.

The world boss also has related tasks. It is guaranteed that Lord Karazha will drop the Eye of Shadow, which is usually a random drop from the elite demons. Players can complete the task of balancing light and shadow to obtain the weapon Benediction or Anathema.

So what are you waiting for? Prepare weapons and assemble troops!