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WOW Classic Guide: Now Gear Up for Your First Raid

Nov-15-2019 PST
As the saying goes, MMO will only really start after you reach the upper limit, and as far as WOW Classic is concerned, we cannot agree with this because of the amount of land and legends you have to go through. The real challenge is still in sight – a surprise attack. However, getting the first entry-level assault equipment is not the basics. Before that, you may also need to install some necessary add-ons.

Just as the Warriors can use the Cyclone Axe to move happily from the 30-60 level, they can get and equip a lot of entry-level raid equipment long before they reach the top level. If you want to use Onyxia, Molten Core and other items, you need to know how to make a raid in WOW Classic.

Warrior pre-raid gear guide

Unlike retail WOW, Warriors can attack tanks in a variety of ways. There are staples and checkerboard methods, but they can be used dually to increase anger. Arms, Fury, and Protection all work here in different ways, so getting ready to work can be a bit of a hassle.

Hunter pre-raid gear guide

The hunter is quite straightforward in terms of equipment. Their sole role as a good loss indemnifier means focusing on pure offensive data. The desire to increase the number of hits by 9% is still from other classes, so they are stacked from the start. Then try to avoid it in other gear slots.

Druid pre-raid gear guide

In the long run, Druids is the most versatile and smoothest career in WOW Classic. They can freely imitate the game style of other classes. They are not the best of any character, but their versatility and adaptability make them a great choice for players who just want to do something without waiting too much.

Mage pre-raid gear guide

Mages itself is an excellent breach trader and there are some notable issues in Classic WOW. Elemental immunization forces them to change from "fire" to "ice" specifications to cause any actual damage. Arcane is not good enough to compete. Strange design supervision makes the final game content category very limited, but relatively easy to adapt.

Priest pre-raid gear guide

The Priest uses shadows and devastating spells to inflict damage and summon sacred spells to heal allies. They are often used as primary healers, but the appreciable damage output produced by tough spells and DoT ticks can quickly get them to get DPS points in a group.

Warlock pre-raid gear guide

Warlocks deal damage by summoning spells and demonic monsters around them. Whether it's Imp, Voidwalker or Succubus, there's no trusted companion, they're nothing - but the Warlock gear doesn't really care about the beast you brought to the battle, and it's all about the extra shadow damage caused by the spell. Just be prepared to rely on some random statistics.

Paladin pre-raid gear guide

The Paladin is another excellent multi-purpose occupation that can be treated according to its treatment, attacking and causing minor injuries. Similar to druids, they are rarely the best in any role, but they can be adapted to any slot that needs to be filled.

Rogue pre-raid gear guide

The Rogue is proud of the quick and secret killing in PvP, but there is almost no chance to kill a raid leader in 2 seconds, just leave them behind. Similar to the wild DPS druid, Agile plays an important role in the Rogue DPS. They want fast, precise strikes to build and consume energy

Shaman pre-raid gear guide

Exclusive to the Horde as their answer to the Paladin, the Shaman fills a similar set of roles. They can make decent assaulters and decent therapists in dungeons decent, with the unique weapon enhancements that give them the best destructive power and can fill occasional dungeons to level 40 when needed.

As the classic version of WOW goes through its various content release stages, such a broad guideline can change a lot. The release of Dire Maul in mid-October has made some of the best and easily available anti-jamming equipment a bit confusing.

Again, these things are not the absolute best anti-attack equipment that can be bought in every class, but it represents a carefully calculated route, without too many bought or rare drops. Just grab the gear and enchant it with anything that's good for your class, and set up an entry-level team for better gear.