WOW Classic: Here Are the Stat Priorities for DPS Warriors Nov-30-2019

In WOW Classic, with regard to gearing and selecting enchants, you need to understand the stat priority. Stat priority refers to the concept that certain stat are more important than others. The stat priority of each category is different because of their different capabilities and attack ranges. In terms of stat priority, Warriors, especially the double-wielding angry fighters, are of greater importance because they must continue to meet statistical requirements in order to continue to cause damage.

Following are the stat priorities for DPS warriors:

Hit Cap to 8% – The most important thing is to increase the hit rate to at least 8%. If you are dual wielding, the hit cap is actually 27%, but it is almost impossible to reach that value, especially when you have just reached level 60. With this in mind, your special abilities (think of things like bloodthirsty and whirlwind) require only 8% hit rate. This does mean that as a double-wielding fury warrior, you will miss automatic attacks, but all special abilities that consume fury will be hit.

Critical Strike – After reaching the 8% soft hit limit, you will want to stack as many critical hits as possible! Critical strikes are helpful to any class, but soldiers especially benefit from the talents that make thugs even more important. 2 points in Impale will increase critical strike damage by 20%, while 5 points in Flurry will give you a 30% attack speed bonus on the next 3 swings after the actual critical strike.

Strength/Attack Power – In addition to crit, you need strength and attack power to increase your hits. You will find that almost all plate gears are strong, but some parts are also intellect. Make sure to prioritize providing higher-strength equipment so that all your abilities do more damage.

Agility – Agility does not directly damage you, but it can increase the overall critical strike rating. It's not as influential as the actual severe strike rating, but it will increase slightly, which means you can benefit from agile gear. This is particularly useful because many parts with strength also have agility.

Anything Else – Any other stats aren’t as important to warriors. Stamina will help boost your health and survivability, but intellect and spirit won’t really do you any good.