What Are the Most Notorious Quests in WoW Classic Oct-31-2019

What are the most notorious quests in WOW Classic you think? The Quests is indeed a storyline, and each character plays its own unique adventure. WOW Classic has some of the most creative and stimulating quests in the history of role-playing games. We list the top five most notorious quests, so it's hard to choose. Includes gathering, kill or item quota, chain, rescues, training and gaining quests. The dungeons are listed below, starting quests and career and career requirements with classic WOW gold. This just shows the various content available in the game.

5. Call of Water

This is the last part of the notorious quest chain dedicated to Shaman careers. The chain of quests that take you around the world is often fascinating and exciting. This is a bad example. It is more like a series of messages, not some practical classroom pursuit.

The boss you are fighting against is hardly challenging, with a maximum of 22. The bet just doesn't feel so high. Plus, if you have a coach to give you a totem, then many parts of the quest will become easier. It is famous for its irony.

4. Sully Balloo

There are several reasons why this quest is known. This is one of the "secret quests" of the game, and the story is tragic. It starts with the found corpse and the immersion letter near the entrance to the wetland, and most players have never touched it.

This is a sad story based on what happens in real life, which is one of the reasons why the quest became one of the more famous quests in the game. During the Civil War, a soldier named Sullivan Ballou wrote a touching letter to his wife a week before his death in the battle. His story reflects the slogan of Sully Balloo.

The purpose of the search is to pay tribute to his memory, and is the moment when the Warcraft reference touches your heart very well.

3. You Are Rakh'likh, Demon

Like the Dreadsteed Quest, this is the end result of a long-chain quests, including some exciting tribes and Azeroth legends. The Horde's Fallen Hero is a chain of 20 quests that can be accessed by players from both the Horde and the Alliance. The last link in the chain has some nice gear and can satisfactorily complete one of the most notorious quest chains in the game.

Flasks, necklaces, bags and other unique equipment are all blue and can be used by everyone, so it's worth a visit. Warriors can use some of the same great rewards to access more class-specific quests.

2. The Great Masquerade

This is one of the links in the Onyxia attunement chain, and what makes this episode really memorable is the event that it triggers.

You thought the villain is hidden in a cave somewhere, but it turns out that she has always stood next to the king.

When faced, Onyxa regained her true self, a comprehensive epic dragon raiding the boss. For those who like the legendary alliance, you must see this happen. If you want to raid, this is actually an indispensable quest.

1. Zhevra Hooves

When people complain about all the mistakes of collecting quests, this is the embodiment of all their scourges. Of course, all Geraeff has four hooves. Then why is the rate of decline so low? Isn't this easy? Why do we have to kill 40 of them to get 12 hooves?

The player doesn't complain about it because it's long and boring, unless you buy WOW classic gold to make things easier, but because it's so stupid. It breaks the immersion of many people who like RPG games, and a fatal flaw makes this one of the most notorious quests of WOW.