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Where Are the Best Places to Level in WoW Classic

Jan-11-2020 PST
In WoW Classic, you have to level to get into that raid group anyway, however, not sure where to go in Classic WoW? Where are the best places to level in Classic World of Warcraft? Depending on the kind of experience you're looking for, some places are more fun and have enough wow gold than others no matter your race, class or faction. Here we list top 5 places to level in WoW Classic.

Duskwood, Contested (Levels 10 to 30)

Although this is not an official Alliance area, the location next to Elwynn Forest means that this is not the area of the Horde lowbies. Most members of the other faction did not even find Duskwood until they wandered south from the higher part of the Vale of Stranglethorn Vale. This is the Alliance's answer to Tirisfal Glades, full of hazy mist, eternal darkness, vast cemeteries, and even stray abominations. Those who wish to have a chance to experience the forgotten without actually participating can upgrade in the area and they can stay for up to 20 levels if they wish.

Durotar, Horde (Levels 1-10)

More information on leveling in Durotar. Durotar is a small suburb of the Barrens and a major city, with a wider variety of geographies, plus Orgrimmar, the orc's capital, is nearby. This means that trainers, auction houses, and most importantly banks, can get training early and easily. This is a small starting area, packing many changes into several levels and small spaces. Players can explore caves, islands, and cities, and perform missions that include killing quotas, training, and shipping packages. The area is also well segregated, so Alliance players rarely have the opportunity to have innocent followers.

Silverpine Forest, Horde (Levels 10-20)

Silverpine Forest is everything that Barrens does not have. Cool, misty, verdant, and most importantly, not very big. Much of the area is occupied by the placid and wide Lodron Lake, with most of the mission, towns and resources located on the western shoreline. You can complete a large number of tasks and resources without wasting time. The infamous dungeon and famous landmark Shadowfang Keep and other important places such as Dalaran and Greymane Wall are in this area. This means that even in low altitude areas, some dangerous enemies are ideal for legends and challenges you like.

Teldrassil, Alliance (Levels 1-11)

If you want to level down in a remote place where there are no tribes or any other factions of the Alliance, then Teldreassil is the ideal choice for you. If you are new to World of Warcraft, this is the ideal place to learn the game, as it is limited to a big tree in the middle of the ocean, and the mission neatly guides you through the area to the capital Darnassus. This is the home of Tyrande Whisperwhind, the main character in ancient legends. Players of this level in this area have easy and early access to class and vocational trainers and transportation. If they want to travel to the Eastern Kingdoms, they can enter the port of Oberding by express flight.

The Barrens, Horde (Levels 10-33)

This one is a matter of opinion. Some cheap fast wow classic gold collectors like the fact that the area is vast and open, full of tasks and resources that can last more than 20 levels, while others see the area as a disadvantage. You have to admit that everyone has something in the barrens, and even in tribal areas, there is plenty of room for players from both factions. Alliance players do have some quests here, and it's easy to reach low-level players there from the dark coast via Ashenvale, but the options are limited compared to tribal people. Wailing Caves, one of the first truly challenging low-level dungeons, is in this area and is welcomed by both factions.