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Why Classic Is More Fun Than Battle For Azeroth

Dec-05-2019 PST
WOW classic's return has attracted numbers of MMO fans, however, is it really more fun than WOW's Battle for Azeroth? The original WOW expansion finally came back, and with it, most of the population of Battle for Azeroth left the retail server and returned to the game that they fell in love with 15 years ago.

Is it pure nostalgia that brings players back to the first expansion, or is it really better than anything Blizzard currently offers, and only time will tell. However, because the player base of the entire WOW is polarized between the two extensions, we have summarized some reasons why WOW Classic is more interesting.

The World Seems Grander And More Daunting

Azeroth in Classic is only a small part of the updated world in BFA, but it is bigger and more daunting than ever. why? Well, unlike BFA, in BFA, there are teleport stones, dungeon finders, fast flying mounts, and portals in all corners. In Classic, the only means of transportation is your trusted ground mount. That is, if you are 20 or older and have been planting gold for a few days, you can afford it.

But that's not all. The classic place is constantly threatening your character, and you never know when a group of mobs or enemy players will appear in front of you. By design, this allows you to move more carefully and stay focused on the environment. However, it also makes the game so interesting.

Sense Of Accomplishment

In WOW Classic, leveling is actually a challenge. Before you finally venture into the open world, you're excited about reserves, potions, and food. Knowing that you are only one step away from fulfilling your character's fate, so there are far fewer levels of each Ding. WOW strikes an excellent balance between difficulty and fun, which enables millions of players to overcome its outdated look and design and enjoy hours of gaming fun.

Gear Means More

Battle for Azeroth has disrupted the frequency and difficulty of players acquiring equipment. Not only that, but because the niche in the world is so weak and you seek to lose the challenging component, you no longer feel like you need to upgrade your equipment. Epic equipment has become a thing, and only you will come along.

On the level cap, epic items will keep falling, eventually leaving you completely indifferent to them. Even if you end up with the best slot product you've always wanted, you still have to rely on it as a Titanforge product for any upgrade.

The situation for classic games is quite different. Equipment drops less frequently and it feels much better to see green or blue drops than any epic in BFA. If this is a device-bound item you don't need, you'll be overjoyed, as selling it at an auction house will earn you the gold you've always wanted so much. Needless to say, unfortunately, getting epic items for your class in Classic Raid is a feeling you will almost never get.

It Forces Cooperation

By reducing the challenge of world missions and introducing countless convenient systems (such as Dungeon Finder or flying mounts), Blizzard may make our WOW life easier. However, they also inevitably eliminated the need for cooperation and teamwork, which made everyone fall in love with the original WOW.

Tasks no longer require you to wait for a partner, and World Explorer feels just as safe. When the "Dungeon Finder" button is there, there is no need to talk to players in the town to try to recruit them to use the dungeon.

World PvP

Battle of Azeroth may be crowned with the "PvP" extension, but in the classic battle you will find epic battles for players. In fact, the danger of hunting lies not only in the power of the mob, but also in the constant threat of the enemy. Dungeon and raid entrances are almost always blocked by groups of trouble seekers, while guild leaders continually design new teams to cross Azeroth to raid enemy capitals. The real experience is that no enthusiastic WOW player will miss it, which is the main reason why the classic is so popular again.