World of Warcraft Classic Gets Some Changes in Phase 3 Jan-14-2020

Now, the highly anticipated World of Warcraft Classic Phase 3 is available, which and halfway point is a major turning point for the game. The next update of the classic game scheduled to be released on February 12th at 5 pm EST brings many changes, including new raids, reputation rewards, class quests, Eternal Quintessence, and the Darkmoon Faire. Players will also have the opportunity to plant more gear and wow classic gold and give full play to their personality. Now check out all the changes made to World of Warcraft in the third phase.

Blackwing Lair

Nefarian, the eldest son of Deathwing, waited patiently in the darkest recess of the mountain peak. The Dragon King, once regarded as unshakable, was forced. But can he be defeated?

The 40-man raid had 8 bosses and 120 drops.

Blackwing technicians residing in the nest found Elemental Minerals as a rare drop. It is used to smelt the Elemental Bars required for Thunderfury by the Blade of Blessing of the Windfury.

On Friday, January 10th, Blackwing Lair's Blackhand ’s Command is available in all areas.

Level 50 class quests

All players starting at level 50 will be able to start class-specific task lines provided by class trainers in capital cities. These missions are selected with one of three powerful rare items.

New reputation rewards

Argent Dawn, Thorium Brotherhood, Timbermaw Hold, Silverwing Sentinels, and Warsong Outriders faction vendors will provide reputation bonus items that were added in patches 1.6 and 1.7 of the original World of Warcraft.

Eternal Quintessence

Players who complete the "Hand of the Enemy" and have achieved respectful reputation in the Hydroxian Waterlords will receive eternal essence from Duke Hydraxis. This item can be used to destroy the Runes of the Firelords in the Molten Core raid, which is very helpful just like buy classic wow gold.

Darkmoon Faire

The first Darkmoon Faire will be held in early February. The barkers and the Faire will appear on February 7 (Friday), and the celebration will open on February 10 (Monday). Darkmoon cards can be used to make beasts, elements, and portals. And will be evacuated from enemies and leaders on Wednesday, February 5.