World of Warcraft Classic: How to Level Your Character Fast Oct-05-2019

How to level fast in WOW Classic? You've come to the right place. Whether you are a veteran or a novice, the following five tips can prepare you for important moments on the go.

1. Be kind to others

When you upgrade, you will complete the task. It is worth noting that you will kill rare creatures. Usually, these mobs are in caves, castles or surrounded by other mobs - so it is crucial as classic WOW gold to get together with nearby people. For people near you or local regular chat (/ 1), using /s will be the key to upgrading your world. Another noteworthy interaction is with buff. If you happen to be in class, you can polish other people such as priests, then you will often find that when you pass by others on the road, both parties will communicate, even those who do not gain polishing will return You have a healthy feeling that you have already achieved someone's day (or the next 30 minutes). Your extra stamina for random Gnome players can save their lives.

2. Change it up and don’t get tied down

No matter how you choose to level, single or group, explore or dungeon grinding, you need to make adjustments from time to time. Some of the best flattened items in the game will fall into the dungeon. For example, a warrior might want to do the Scarlet Monastery Armory Fleet for Ravager, which is one of the most iconic weapons of level 37 or above. On the other hand, there are many notable rewards for ending tasks in certain regions. For example, Wilderness Escape has a final mission (which allows you to travel to The Deadmines), which rewards a therapist who has the Wilderness Dart, who can easily serve you until level 34. Sometimes you push into the dungeon to complete a long chain of tasks.

3. Take the group invite

As we mentioned in the first tip, grouping with others is the key to success in WOW Classics. Whether it is an early boss mob like Hogg, or a collective task of killing a mob, asking for help and helping others are important components of Classic. Don't be afraid to ask for help. We are all humans (other races can also provide it).

The two main ways to get help, especially when doing a task, are either looking around for the person performing the task, either near the task center, or using the regular (/ 1) or finding group (/ 4) channels. General chat is probably the best option because it is limited to your area, but for larger elites, LFG chat may be your best bet.

4. Level 40 mount: the best 100 gold you’ll spend

At first 100 grams sounds nothing; you might think, "I can easily make money." The reality is different, because it seems that every time you earn 1 gram, the skill trainer will take back every time you visit. Although you can stop accessing them, you may find it difficult to upgrade. The key to pre-installation is to focus only on the skills you need/use. If you are a Frost Mage, make sure to upgrade the weapons such as Frostbolt and then leave the fireball until later. The same thing happens when learning new professional recipes/skills from the trainer. Although it makes sense to make the latest equipment from the blacksmith, it is best to store what you have mined in the bank until there is excess cheap WOW gold classic in the future.

Searching may be the best way to make sure you are ready to ride, although don't be surprised if you can't buy it until around level 43. By the time you reach level 30 and reach the Stranglethorn Vale mission reward, the value of the supplier for the above rewards will increase rapidly and you will find yourself rising rapidly from 5–10g to 50–60g.

5. Be patient, enjoy the ride

Finally, enjoy the journey. Don't be respected by people who are 20 or 30 higher than you, just make sure you are happy. Classic WOW is closely related to journeys and destinations. Your experience in STV, Tanaris or Un’Goro will live with you and be shared with all players on your server. Who knows, maybe 15 years after the introduction of Classic 2.0, you will repeat the same story.

Remember, this is your most important experience. If you want to move to a small island on the coast of Barrens, retire as a fisherman, or become the greatest herbalist Azeroth has ever seen, then you can.