W0W Classic Servers Are Now Live Sep-20-2019

Now, players can return to Azeroth as they did in 2006: W0W classic servers are now online. Developer W0W official Entertainment turned his back on the popular massively multiplayer RPG, and fans love it. They like it so much that many players have to wait a few hours to play the game with W0W classic gold.

The W0W classic game is a game that many people remember. It has the same visual effects, tasks and even the current mistakes. This is the content of W0W Classic you need to know.

What's new?

Some W0W servers are still lined up, and during peak hours (usually after 7pm EST) for two hours or more, W0W official reopens free character transfer to help balance the number of characters in all servers. . Posts on the W0W official Forum on Thursday showed which servers will offer players options. The developer did not set an end time for the transfer time, but is expected to stop on Monday, September 23.

What is W0W Classic?

The classic version of W0W is the 1.12 version of the game, called the "Drums" update. It was released in August 2006, before the release of the first major extended version of the Burning Crusade. This time the player nicknamed "Vanilla Warcraft" in the game series.

W0W official does have plans to add content at multiple stages, such as zones and equipment. It follows the original time when the content was originally released, but it has also undergone minor changes to benefit the player. They will also evaluate the player's options for the player before adding them to the game.

Should you go back?

The classic version of W0W is broadcast live in the Americas from 3 pm. On August 26th, Pacific time, tons of influx. However, players who try to log in immediately find themselves waiting. Multiple players shared their queuing time in the classic version of W0W on the day of release, waiting for hours from 30 minutes to a few hours.

W0W official expects to add queues before launching and add more servers for players to use when the server goes online, but that's not enough because there are too many players trying to log in. The developer also increased the number of character slots to 10 per domain.

Another solution used by W0W official is to increase the maximum number of players allowed on each server. The developer posted a fix on the game on August 28th at the W0W official Forum's W0W Classic.

On the same day, W0W game director Ian Hazzikostas responded to criticism at the long-range W0W official Forum.

How can I jump back in?

The W0W Classic idea comes from players who use their older versions of the game to launch their own private servers. In April 2016, W0W official began shutting down these unauthorized servers, causing strong repercussions in the fan base who passionate about buy gold W0W classic us, but it did prompt developers to find the right solution. W0W official first released W0W Classic in November 2017 and set its release date to August 26th in May.