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WoW Cataclysm Classic: How To Get Aquatic Mounts

Jun-25-2024 PST

In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Classic, the underwater subcontinent of Vashj'ir is a significant part of the leveling experience. To navigate this vast underwater world efficiently, having an aquatic mount is crucial. Unlike ground and flying mounts that slow down underwater, aquatic mounts greatly increase your movement speed while submerged. In the Cataclysm era, there are three notable aquatic mounts: the Abyssal Seahorse, the Subdued Seahorse, and the Sea Turtle.

Abyssal Seahorse

The Abyssal Seahorse, also known in modern World of Warcraft as the Vashj'ir Seahorse, is the easiest aquatic mount to obtain in Cataclysm Classic. This mount is awarded through the quest "The Abyssal Ride" in the Kelp'thar Forest of Vashj'ir. Since this quest is part of the essential story progression in Vashj'ir, it is nearly impossible to miss.

How to Obtain:

Reach Vashj'ir: Begin your journey in Vashj'ir by accepting the starting quests at your faction's major city (Stormwind or Orgrimmar).

Complete Introductory Quests: Progress through the initial quests in Kelp'thar Forest until you receive the quest "The Abyssal Ride".

Finish the Quest: Complete "The Abyssal Ride" to be rewarded with the Abyssal Seahorse.

Matching Companion Pet:

While riding the Abyssal Seahorse, you can enhance your underwater style with the Sea Pony companion pet. This purely cosmetic pet can be obtained by fishing on Darkmoon Island during the Darkmoon Faire.

Subdued Seahorse

The Subdued Seahorse is a green version of the Abyssal Seahorse and is significantly harder to obtain. It is dropped by a rare mob named Poseidus, a blue and purple seahorse that can spawn in various locations.

How to Obtain:

Locate Poseidus: Poseidus is an extremely rare mob with multiple spawn points:

Shimmering Expanse:

Glimmerdeep Gorge (red-tinged area)

Ruins of Thelserai Temple (drowned ruins)

Biel'aran Ridge (amidst kvaldir)

Nar'shola Terrace (part of Ruins of Vashj'ir)

Abyssal Depths: Near the southern end of Underlight Canyon.

Kill Poseidus: Once Poseidus spawns, defeat it to have a chance at obtaining the Subdued Seahorse mount.

Sea Turtle

The Sea Turtle is a unique aquatic mount that isn't a seahorse, making it a desirable mount for collectors. However, it is more challenging to obtain than the Abyssal Seahorse.

How to Obtain:

Go Fishing: The Sea Turtle can only be obtained through fishing in specific zones:

Northrend: All zones.

Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms: Mount Hyjal, Uldum, Twilight Highlands, Vashj'ir.


Darkmoon Island: Accessible only during the Darkmoon Faire (first week of every month).

Keep Fishing: The Sea Turtle has a very low drop rate, so persistence and patience are required.

Tips for Fishing:

Use Lures: Enhance your fishing skill with lures to improve your chances.

Join Fishing Events: Participate in fishing competitions and events to increase your fishing opportunities.

Fish in Pools: Focus on fishing in pools, as they have higher chances of containing rare catches.


Navigating the underwater world of Vashj'ir in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Classic is much more efficient with aquatic mounts. The Abyssal Seahorse is the easiest to obtain through the storyline quest "The Abyssal Ride", while the Subdued Seahorse and the Sea Turtle require more effort and luck. The Subdued Seahorse is dropped by the rare mob Poseidus, and the Sea Turtle can only be fished from specific zones.

Quick Reference:

Abyssal Seahorse: Obtain through "The Abyssal Ride" quest in Kelp'thar Forest.

Subdued Seahorse: Dropped by Poseidus, spawning in various locations in Vashj'ir and Abyssal Depths.

Sea Turtle: Obtained through fishing in specific zones including Northrend, select Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms zones, Deepholm, and Darkmoon Island.

Through your WoW Cataclysm Classic Gold inventory and acquiring these mounts, you can greatly enhance your movement and exploration capabilities in the underwater zones of Cataclysm Classic. Happy adventuring!