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​WoW Classic Alterac Valley Battleground Overview

Mar-19-2021 PST

One of the three battlegrounds in the world of warcraft that focuses on large area combat. The two fractions that battle against each other here can have up to 40 players on each side. Apart from the other two battlegrounds, this area is unique for its PVPVE (Player VS Player Vs environment) nature. Players gather resources here to upgrade their units, grounds, cavalry, aerial assault and fraction lords that are summoned. The valley can be accessed by players that have reached levels 51-60 and can get there either speaking to the valley’s battle master in a major city or by travelling to the entrance located in the Alterac Mountains.


On the off chance that the player is an amateur, at that point he/she should initially begin by finishing Proving Grounds quest, which will help acquire the primary Storm pike rank and Frost wolf rank. This will assist the player in getting back at the base rapidly instead of doing turn-ins or uniting the powers. The following stage is to get appended to a gathering with the goal that it can assist the player in studying how it fights functions. As a beginning, one should initially get their part tower, clear the NPCs and catch the banner inside by trusting that 5 minutes will transform it into the individual portions tone. At that point, advance toward the burial ground that is simply past the pinnacle and does likewise. When the entirety of that is covered, you can now uninhibitedly consider catching the banner and completing the main goal, which is to slaughter the general of the rival fraction.

Tips & Strategies

The first tip would be to know the map as it can be used effectively to win the battle. Second, travel in a group and always be connected through a voice chat, this will increase the players' chances in survival. Third, don’t rush off to kill the enemy fraction as it is utmost important to have a strategy before the battle and rushing in without thinking will just make it worst. Fourth, getting to know the sneaky ways by studying the map can help to get through difficult or crowded areas where battling against an enemy can be avoided. Fifth, capture towers and graveyard which takes around four minutes to do so. Every tower that is under the fractions control will have a Marshall or War master in the room and can be very helpful for defence. Sixth, loot insignias of players who are dead, if that’s not done then the player can run back and resurrect again. The seventh and the final tip, don’t fight on the bridge or areas that are close to the ravine as you can easily get knocked off the bridge and die, so it’s better to fight on one side or the other.



The primary objective is to kill the enemy general, who is Vanndar Storm Pike or Drek’Thar. This can only be done after completing the second objective which is to kill the captains who normally provide buffs to the enemy fraction. The captain Galvangar can be found in Ice blood garrison and captain Balinda Stone hearth can be found in the stone hearth outpost. Another secondary objective is to capture the enemy graveyards to push back the enemy spawns. There are a total of seven graveyards in the valley but do remember not to capture too many graveyards or all the enemy forces will spawn at their base, which will make it harder to infiltrate. Same as the graveyard, another secondary objective is to capture the towers to help reduce the NPCs (Marshal / War master) in the general’s room.

Enemy NPCs


Lieutenants are the ones who patrol the roads and graveyard that are on the side of their respective fraction. Similar to the commanders, they also provide buffs, but in a lesser amount. They’re elites who are fairly weak and be easily killed by a skilled player or a group of base players. Killing the lieutenant’s rewards players with honour and at the same time shuts down the respawning of enemy troops.


Commanders are the ones who occupy the towers, provide moderate buffs to the players nearby and patrol the graveyards of their respective fractions. They are tougher than lieutenants and can be killed by a group of players, as it’ll be hard for a solo player. Killing the commander rewards the same as killing a lieutenant, and it is recommended that you pull him away from the other troops as it can heal other NPCs, which would be a pain while going into battle.


Captains provide 20 per cent of health buff to all the members on his fraction. They can be found in the stone hearth outpost and ice blood garrison depending on the fraction. Players need to form a group of at least 5 to kill a captain, which will also reward them the same as killing a lieutenant and a commander, but also an additional buff if your captain still lives.


General are quite tough and are at a level of raid bosses which require tanking coordination and DPS to kill. They can be found in their respective fractions and cannot be pulled outside. Generals are guarded by several Marshals or War masters depending on how many towers and graveyards the enemy team has in their hold. Killing the general is the main objective of this battle and once that’s done the match will end.

Fraction Lords

During the battle, players can also collect resources from players that have fallen and summon powerful raid level bosses. Once the fraction has sufficient resources, The Primalist, The Archdruid will go to their respective areas and begin the ritual to summon the fraction lord, which also requires 10 players to click on their summoning circle. These lords can easily turn the tables around and help in winning the battle.


The rewards that are provided by the Alterac Valley is associated by their fractions; Storm Pike Guard for the alliance and Frost Wolf Clan for the Horde. They reward with good items such as Don Julio’s Band, which serves as an excellent raid gear.

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