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​WoW Classic Battle Guard Sartura Guide

Nov-09-2020 PST

The second unavoidable boss in Ahn’Qiraj is the Battle Guard Sartura. He has 3 Sartura guards accompanying him and are all vulnerable to stuns and have the same type of abilities. When the ability Whirlwind is casted, both Sartura and her companions will be immune to stuns and will spin around which will cause massive damage. Attackers that are of the melee class need to keep an eye out for this ability and move away when it is casted as the guards can also Knockback their targets.

Let’s move on to the loot table.

Imperial Qiraji Drops:

· Imperial Qiraji Armaments

· Imperial Qiraji Regalia

· Qiraji Lord's Insignia

Exclusive Drops:

· Necklace of Purity

· Leggings of the Festering Swarm

· Recomposed Boots

· Robes of the Battleguard

· Silithid Claw

· Thick Qirajihide Belt

· Creeping Vine Helm

· Gloves of Enforcement

· Scaled Leggings of Qiraji Fury

· Sartura's Might

· Gauntlets of Steadfast Determination

· Legplates of Blazing Light

· Badge of the Swarmguard

Classes that play a huge role in the fight against Battle Guard Sartura.

Warriors have a colossal part in this battle, with the obligation of utilizing capacities, for example, Taunt, Challenging Shout, and conceivably Mocking Blow to keep Battle Guard Sartura and her Royal gatekeepers levelled out when they aggro reset and focus on a different raid member at random.

Warriors, Paladins, and Rogues can all stun Battle Guard Sartura and her Royal Guards at any time during the battle, which can likewise be an incredible method to counter the aggro reset and keep the boss controlled when it cannot be taunted.

Quick Tips

DPS (Damage Per Second)

All Warriors and Rogues ought to be centred around the Royal Guards as fast as they can and utilize the Taunt or Kidney Shot abilities to control the situation, and keeping them from moving around the room and dividing down the attack. While the Royal Guards are as yet alive, the main individuals in the attack taking harm should be the melees. Rogues should hope to utilize the Kidney Shot ability whatever a Royal Guard resets aggro and starts to focus on a different raid member at random. This will prevent the Royal Guard or the Battle Guard Sartura (Boss) from moving toward the ranged attackers.


All Warriors, regardless of their class or an assigned Tank ought to be giving close consideration to the Royal Guards and should be set up to use Taunt ability on them or stun them when they aggro. It is essential to get the boss and the Royal Guards far from the ranged members. In case of an Aggro Reset, a Tank or a Warrior needs to taunt the boss or the Royal Guard ASAP, guaranteeing they don't begin meandering around Battle Guard Sartura's room, resulting in dividing down the raid members formation and their attacks.


During the beginning of the battle, when all the Royal Guards are up, just the melee class should take in damage from the boss and the Royal Guards. In the occasion the boss and the guards are moving around the area freely, healers ought to be set up to do a lot of healing for their raid members, as they can do a huge amount of harm. When Battle Guard Sartura rages at 20%, Healers should only keep their focus on healing the primary tank, as the damage rate will be exceedingly high and could result in the tank being dead.

Abilities and Strategies

Tanks ought to have their Royal Guard targets doled out and while surging into Battle Guard Sartura's room, each tank needs to be set up separately to isolate their objective out from the gathering and keeping a distance from each other. Moreover, the boss has a very long aggro and will be body-pulled from a significant radius, so when you're mounted up and ready to move in, Warriors should be driving the members towards the boss. When Warriors each have aggro on their appointed objective, they should move the boss away from the others.

Battle Guard Sartura

The ability Aggro Reset will happen arbitrarily through the whole battle, where Battle Guard Sartura will drop all aggro and begin to attack a random raid member by charging towards him. This is when Battle Guard Sartura ought to be stunned or taunted immediately by another warrior, so it keeps her from moving and dividing down the whole raid. Just after 5 seconds, once her guard’s aggro comes into motion, she will head back to her original target.

The ability Whirlwind puts out a huge amount of damage because this ability hits twice as hard as the ability of her royal guards. It lards for a short duration and it used very frequently throughout the fight and does AOE type of damage to the targets that are nearby her. As this ability gives out physical damage, anyone nearby or at a tight spot may end up being dead after the attack is unleashed.

Sundering Cleave is the ability that follows right after the Sartura’s Whirlwind. This lowers the armour's damage and is also gives out an AOE effect. It can stack up to 3 times, and the only ones who can deal with this damage are the tanks.

Enrage is the ability that is used when the boss reaches 20% of her total health. It is recommended that every member save their cooldowns for this very moment so that the boss can be killed as fast as possible.

Hard Enrage is the ability that should not come into play because when Sartura enrages, it is pretty much game over. This takes place 10 minutes after the encounter.

Sartura’s Royal Guards

Aggro Reset, is much the same as Battle Guard Sartura, and occurs at random through the battle, where the Royal Guard will drop all aggro and begin rushing at a random member of the raid.

Just like Battle Guard Sarturas Whirlpool, this ability is also similar in the Royal Guards. However, the guards hit half as hard compared to the boss. But if they aren’t under control and gather around raid members initially, then they will take a massive amount of damage and could end up dead.

Knockback is remarkable to the Royal Guards and adds a lot of turmoil to the battle. It's obvious, the essential thing is to monitor and keep the boss in control from running around in the area and destroying the raid sequence. The tanks that are meant to focus on the Royal Guards need to hold themselves down and keep their backs on the wall in the area, far from the raid when the Knockback ability is casted. If a tank is knocked back by the strike, the raid members need to re-position themselves to abstain from getting whirl winded.

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