​WoW Classic Endgame Crafting Recipes May-10-2021

Crafting is a skill that helps to make the most powerful items and effects in-game. The best items don't have to be crafted by learning the method from a trainer because many items can only be learned from Recipes, Plans, Patterns, Formulas and Schematics that can either be obtained as drops from mobs, other players or from vendors across the World of Warcraft Classic. The following article will provide you with a list of crafted items that cannot be learned from a trainer.


Many crafts were added to vendors for the Timbermaw Hold, Argent Dawn and Thorium Brotherhood in patch 1.6, although Blizzard has yet to indicate when these crafts will be available in-game. However, an assumption is that they’ll be available to players in phase 1. Similarly, crafting Nature Resistance Armor from Cenarion Circle was added in patches 1.8 and 1.11, but they might only be available in phase 4 and phase 6, respectively.

Smelting Elementium

To create the Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of WIndseeker, you must first complete the quest ‘Thunderaan the Windseeker’, but for that, you’ll need a miner whose level is 300 or above. The player must collect 10 Elementium Ore from the Blackwing Technician, and then smelt them into Elementium Bars. The only way for the miner to learn how to smelt Elementium is through a priest who can use the skill Mind Control on Master Elemental Shaper Krixix. A Master Elemental Shaper Krixix is a goblin in the Fireman room of the Blackwing Lair.

Frost Resistance Gear

You can learn how to craft Frost Resistance Gloves, Chest and Bracers from blacksmiths, tailors and leatherworkers if you have a sufficient amount of Argent Dawn reputation from the NPC Master Craftsman Omarion, who can be found in the Death Knight wing of Naxxramas. You can also craft these items through Craftsman Wilhelm after being honoured with Argent Dawn, and then speaking to Master Craftsman Omarion to complete the quest ‘Omarion’s Handbook’. Wilhelm is the NPC who crafts Frost Resistance Gear pieces in exchange for Gold, Frozen Rune and Mats, found inside of Naxxramas. The other pieces that cannot be crafted can be obtained as drops in the Naxxramas dungeon.



Enchanting weapons include Enchant Weapon Crusader, Enchant Weapon Life Stealing, Enchant Weapon Icy Chill, Enchant Weapon Healing Power, Enchant Weapon Spell Power, Enchant Weapon Agility, Enchant Weapon Strength, Enchant Weapon Mighty Spirit, Enchant Weapon Mighty Intellect, enchant 2H Weapon Superior Impact and Enchant 2H Weapon Agility.

Shields & Cloaks

Shields include Enchant Shield Greater Spirit and Enchant Shield Superior Spirit, whereas Cloaks include Enchant Cloak Lesser Agility, Enchant Cloak Greater Fire Resistance, Enchant Cloak Greater Nature Resistance, Enchant Cloak Lesser Shadow Resistance, Enchant Cloak Greater Resistance, Enchant Cloak Subtlety, Enchant Cloak Stealth and Enchant Cloak Dodge.

Chests & Bracers

Chests include Enchant Chest Major Health and Enchant Chest Major Mana, whereas Bracers include Enchant Bracers Mana Regeneration, Enchant Bracers Healing Power, Enchant Bracers Greater Intellect, Enchant Bracers Superior Stamina and Enchant Bracers Superior Strength.

Gloves, Boots & Weapon Affixes

Gloves include Enchant Gloves Greater Strength, Enchant Gloves Greater Agility, Enchant Gloves Superior Agility, Enchant Gloves Healing Power, Enchant Gloves Fire Power, Enchant Gloves Shadow Power, Enchant Gloves Frost Power, Enchant Gloves Threat, Enchant Gloves Skinning, Enchant Gloves Fishing and Enchant Gloves Riding. Boots include Enchant Boots Greater Stamina and Enchant Boots Spirit, whereas Weapon Affixes include Brilliant Mana Oil and Brilliant Wizard Oil.


Flasks & Elixirs

Flask includes Flask of the Titans, Flask of Distilled Wisdom, Flask of Chromatic Resistance, Flask of Supreme Power and Flask of Petrification, whereas Elixirs include Greater Arcane Elixir, Elixir of Frost Power, Elixir of Greater Fire Power, Elixir of Shadow Power, Elixir of Giant, Elixir of Mongoose, Elixir of Brute Force, Elixir of Fortitude and Elixir of Superior Defence.

Potions, Transmutes & Protection Pots

Potions include Major Mana Potion, Greater Stone Shield Potion, Might Rage Potion, Limited Invulnerability Potion, Free Action Potion, Restorative Potion and Major Rejuvenation Potion. Transmutes include Transmute Undeath to Water and Transmute Elemental Fire, whereas Protection Pots include Greater Nature Protection Potion, Greater Shadow Protection Potion, Greater Arcane Protection Potion, Fire Protection Potion, Greater Fire Protection Potion and Greater Frost Protection Potion.


Armor Smith, Axe Smith & Sword Smith

Armor Smith includes Lionheart Helm, Titanic Leggings, Stronghold Gauntlets, Dawn Bringer Shoulders, Enchanted Thorium Breastplate / Leggings / Helm and Dark Iron Helm / Bracers / Leggings / Gauntlets / Boots. Axe Smith includes Nightfall, Dawn’s Edge and Arcanite Reaper, whereas Sword Smith includes Frost Guard, Black Guard and Sage Blade.


Artisan includes Sulfuron Hammer, Ironvine Belt / Gloves / Breastplate, Ice Bane Bracers / Gauntlets / Breastplate, Girdle of the Dawn, Gloves of the Dawn, Heavy Timbermaw Belt, White Soul Helm, Thorium Shield Spike, Mithril Spurs and Elemental Sharpening.


Tribal & Elemental

Tribal includes Devilsaur Leggings / Gauntlets, Hide of the Wild, War Bear Harness and Core Hound Boots / Belt, whereas Elemental includes Living Shoulders, Shifting Cloak, Storm Shroud Gloves / Shoulders / Armor, Volcanic Shoulders / Leggings / Breastplate and Molten Helm.

Dragon Scale & Artisan

Dragon Scale includes Red Dragon Scale Breastplate, Chromatic Cloak, Black Dragon Scale Breastplate / Shoulders / Leggings / Boots and Dram Scale Breastplate, whereas Artisan includes Onyxia Scale Cloak, Primal Batskin Bracers / Gloves, Primal Batskin Jerkin, Sand Stalker Bracers / Gauntlets / Breastplate, Bramble Wood Belt / Boots / Helm, Polar Bracers / Gloves / Tunic, Icy Scale Gauntlets / Breastplate / Bracers, Dawn Treaders, Golden Mantle of the Dawn, Lava Belt, Swift Flight Bracers / Boots and Core Armor Kit.


Bags & Blood Vine

Bags include Bottomless Bag, Mooncloth Bag, Core Felcloth Bag, Felcloth Bag, Satchel of Cenarius and Big Bag of Enchantment, whereas Blood Vine includes Blood Vine Boots, Leggings and Vest.

Felcloth, BOP & Miscellaneous

Felcloth includes Felcloth, Gloves, Shoulders, Hood and Robe. The BOP includes Truefaith Vestments, Robe of the Archmage and Robe of the Void, whereas Miscellaneous items include Robe of Winter Night, Gloves of Spell Mastery, Belt of the Archmage, Flarecore Gloves / Mantle / Robe / Leggings, Sylvan Shoulders / Crown / Vest, Gaea’s Embrace, Glacial Wrists, Gloves, Vest and Cloak.


Gear, Explosives & Miscellaneous

Gear includes Force Reactive Disk, Core Marksman Rifle, Flawless Arcanite Rifle, Blood Vine Goggles, Spell Power Goggles Xtreme Plus, Gyrofreeze ice Reflector, Hyper Radiant Flame Reflector, Ultra Flash Shadow Reflector, Major Recombobulator and Parachute Cloak. Explosives include Goblin Sapper Charge, Arcane Bomb, Dark Iron Bomb and Ez-Thro Dynamite (ii), whereas Miscellaneous items include Biznicks 247x128 Accurascope, Sniper Scope, Thorium Shells, Discombobulator Ray, Field Repair Bot 74A, Goblin Jumper Cables XL and Arcanite Dragonling.


Mana & Stamina

Mana includes Runn Tum Tuber Surprise and Nightfin Soup, whereas Stamina includes Tender Wolf Steak, Monster Omelette, Spiced Chilli Crab and Dirge’s Kickin’ Chimaerok Chops.

Melee & Miscellaneous

Melee includes Smoked Desert Dumplings, Grilled Squid, Thistle Tea and Dragon Breath Chilli, whereas Miscellaneous includes Savoury Deviate Delight.

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