WoW Classic: How to Success in Alterac Valley PvP Battleground Dec-24-2019

Alterac Valley is a large 40 vs 40 PvP Battleground in WoW Classic. Your goal is to destroy the leader of the other faction: Horde Icon H players need Vanndar Stormpike, Alliance Icon A players need Drek'Thar. In order to achieve this, players will need to work on secondary goals, such as destroying towers and bunkers of another faction, which will lead to the weakening of enemy leaders or occupation of enemy graves, which will make the enemy unable to fight here Resurrection while resurrecting your team here.

There are other incidental targets, such as killing the enemy captain and handing in blood, medals, armor and flesh, mounts (wolves / rams) and supplies to make your army stronger with enough classic wow gold, or generate a raid leader for the team. However, how can you success in Alterac Valley PvP Battleground? Check out the following guide:

Entrance Location and Rewards

You can enter the Alterac Valley through the physical entrance of the Alterac Mountains, which is (39, 42) for Alliance Icon A players and (62, 59) for Horde Icon H tribe players. You can also line up to the Alterac Valley through battle masters in all major cities.

There are two main reasons to do this battlefield:

You can get equipment through the Battle of Alterac in the Horde Icon H or the Battle of Alterac in the Alliance Icon A, rewarding powerful blue items, and in the long run, rewarding with a unique reputation, such as Don Giulio Icon Don Giulio's band.

Honor Farm, if done correctly, will be one of the best Honor Farms in the game.

General Alterac Valley Strategy

First of all, from an efficiency standpoint, it is always best to lose quickly so that you can gain some honor and enter another battlefield instead of playing the game for a long time. In Alterac Valley, this is a double fact, as the game can be very long when certain conditions are met.

The main condition that causes the game to last forever is that there are too many defenders relative to the attacker. If you consider effective farming with honor, this will put both sides at a deadlock, and you should avoid it at all costs.

Similarly, from the Honor Farming perspective, most of the sub-goals are not worth pursuing because they are too expensive to win the Alterac Valley (cavalry, air strikes, and mine supplies) (Ives and Rojo Lal) 's ability has little effect.

This means that your main priority should be to attack the towers, bunkers and offensive cemeteries, and then remove the enemy faction leader. You should also have a small team of defenders (preferably stealth) whose sole goal is to recapture those important map targets once the majority of enemies have moved on, giving your faction valuable time to attack their own targets.

Alterac Valley Strategy for Horde Players

For the Horde Icon H Horde, the key to effectively winning the Alterac Valley is overwhelming speed and outrageous competition. In the case of a full offense, you will have an advantage due to the shaman and the more powerful PvP race, and as long as the defenders are not coordinating around the bridge area, the alliance base will also open relatively quickly.

For both factions, a common and less-than-ideal (from an efficiency perspective) scenario is to have the tribe slowly push down (or get deadlocked) most of the alliance in the path between Icewing Wing Fort and Stormwind Graveyard Raid.

This will usually happen if a Horde player rejects every graveyard on the Stormpike South map on the south side of the league and will lead to a lengthy game. So, for efficiency, you should always let the Alliance have a snowfall cemetery that is far enough away from important points in the battle to ensure timely Horde victory.

If you happen to be caught in a 40 to 40 battle under the defense of all league players, then the best option is to slowly collect the blood of the Thunder Spear Soldier Icon Blood of the Thunder Spear Soldier and summon Lord Lohorar on Ice, this Will advance your team's defense through the Alliance, assuming your 40 attackers are competent enough. Don't let it fit into the enemy's general room, and you should win, but it will take some time.

This means that the Horde's ideal strategy is to allocate up to 2 sets of stealth defenders for ninja caps, and everyone else should focus on attacking every bunker and cemetery from Stonestaus and above as soon as possible. There must be at least two players in each arrested Bunker and graveyard to avoid stealth recapture, and your overwhelming numbers should allow you to quickly cross the Alterac Valley unless the league is overly committed to defense.

Alterac Valley Strategy for Alliance Players

For the Alliance Icon A Alliance, winning the Alterac Valley is a delicate balancing act. The most defensive area in the entire map is the cho chop point of the bridge at the entrance of the main base, and a balanced small defensive team consisting of 10 to 15 players can resist twice as many tribal players trying to cross the bridge.

On the other hand, if both teams assign all players to attack, the tribe will usually be ahead of the opponent, as the map and base allies are easier to clear than the tribe, and the tribe also tends to have higher DPS for the following reasons :wizard

Also note that if there aren't enough attackers, you can easily cram completely into the map side as an alliance, because once the resurrection begins, there is only one way to return to the tribe side of the map. On the northernmost (Stormpike) graveyard, the tribe Players will camp all the way.

This means that the ideal strategy for the Alliance is to immediately create and assign three groups of (invisible) people to defend and delay as long as possible, and everyone else should immediately focus their efforts on attacking the Ice Blood or Frostwolf Graves while killing the number of people Minimized to ensure that attacking groups can be resurrected from Stormspear Graveyard. Once you have established a solid foothold, you can quickly occupy all the towers and Frostwolf Relief Cabins (stealth class, if there is a stealth class in the attack group, it will be very helpful here), then you should be able to withdraw German from there Rektar before Vanndar Stormpike's death.

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