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​WoW Classic Mage Class Overview

Mar-24-2021 PST

Classes in Classic WoW will procure a sum of 51 ability focuses, permitting them to take gifts from numerous trees, however, most forms regularly put most of their focus in one tree, while taking just selective rewards in the others. Every one of the three Mage ability trees is solid in its place, with a few suitable ability mixes, contingent upon whether the player is keen on Dungeons, Raiding, or PVP.

Abilities & Specializations


Controlling the arcane and obliterating adversaries with overpowering force. Arcane Power assemblies are normally used to head to the dungeons and strike spec until Ahn'Qiraj as it centers around Mana, damage spells, resistance reduction, and has an incredible cooldown time.


Freezes the enemies where they stand and breaks them with the help of Frost magic. Ice Barrier Builds require a good amount of investing in frost, which can be both valuable for expanding the output of other Mages in a strike, as well as, on the other hand, is very skilled in PV, conceding a lot of survivability through the spells Ice Block and Ice Barrier.


Ignites enemies with bundles of fire and combustive flares. Burning first starts slow as Fire spells are typically more mana escalated than ice, yet benefits incredibly from better equipment's and expanded Critical Strike chance through Ignite and Combustion. Numerous early bosses in raids are safe to fire damage, however, the specialization jumps ahead in Ahn'Qiraj and Naxxramas.

Mage Class Unique


Polymorph is a very important CC that rendering opponents damage by transforming them into sheep, however, Mages can acquire various appearances for their polymorph spell to take after other adorable creatures. Polymorph can be obtained from the quest "Fragmented Magic", and is also dropped from the boss Gahz'ranka located in ZG.

Teleports & Portals

At more significant levels, Mages can make a trip to any capital city of their class through Teleport. They can also use Iron forge spells or make comparable Portals like Orgrimmar for other players to use. Numerous Mages make additional gold by offering to open portals to players hoping to get around the map without wasting time. Alliance mages can venture out to Stormwind, Darnassus, and Iron forge. Horde mages can head out to Orgrimmar, Undercity, and Thunder Bluff. Mages with access to Atiesh, Great staff of the Guardian can open a gateway to Karazhan in Dead wind Pass and easily fool other members of a party.

Conjure Edibles

Mages are also known as vending machines because of their capacity to Conjure Food and Councilor's Cloak for themselves and their partners. This saves other players money and bag slots. As the capacity rank climbs up, Mages can invoke more and better consumables per cast, keeping it in competition with merchant quality consumables. In spite of the fact that it doesn't give any buffs related to stats like cooking.

Mage Class Professions (Enchanting, Tailoring & Engineering)

Enchanting / Enchantment doesn't give any inherent advantage, yet the tailoring is quite well as it doesn't require any additional gathering, permitting it to be an advantageous cash producer. Tailoring can make extremely valuable levelling due to the experience gained and even help to make Best-in-Slot max level equipment's like Robe of the Arch mage. It also gives valuable bombs like Goblin Sapper Charge and extraordinary toys that no other class/profession can match the level. However, it is less convenient for a Mage who has solid AOE, CC, and teleportation abilities.

Mage Class Tier Sets

Since Battle for Azeroth got rid of Class Tier sets and are a notorious piece of class personality in World of Warcraft Classic because of its incredible set provided bonus, as well as uniqueness. Listed below are a few sets you can anticipate gathering on your Mage character as you progress through dungeons & raids.

Mage Class Trainers

In the World of Warcraft classic, you should not just only pay mage Class Trainers to show you how to use a spell, you will also have to additionally level up them up higher to bring out the most of them. The areas of the Mage Trainers for the Alliance and Horde are recorded underneath, along with that, you can also start to realize which ability fits you better and should be worked on more.


Not being profession trainers, horde mage trainers reach the same thing, so you can visit any one of the below.

· Isabella at the Deathknell, Tirisfal Glades

· Cain Firesong at the Brill, Tirisfal Glades

· Anastasia Hartwell, Pierce Shackleton, or Kaelystia Hatebringer at the Magic Quarter, Undercity

· Mai'ah at the Valley of Trials, Durotar

· Un'Thuwa at the Sen'jin Village, Durotar

· Uthel'nay, Deino, Enyo, Pephredo at the Valley of Spirits, Orgrimmar

· Ursyn Ghull, Thurston Xane, Archmage Shymm at the Pools of Vision, Thunder Bluff


· For alliance mage trainers, remember to bring your gold coins, as you’ll need them to train your spells. You’ll have to visit the trainers below.

· Khelden Bremen at the Northshore Abbey, Elwynn Forest

· Zaldimar Wefhellt at the Goldshire, Elwynn Forest

· Jennea Cannon, Elsharin at the Wizard's Sanctum, Mage Quarter, Storm wind

· Marryk Nurribit at the Anvilmar, Dun Morogh

· Magis Sparkmantle at the Kharanos, Dun Morogh

· Bink, Dink, Juli Stormkettle, Nittlebur Sparkfizzle at the Hall of Mysteries, The Mystic Ward, Ironforge

Best Mage Class Weapons

Although mages don’t need item upgrades to level up properly, some weapons are best suited to them because of the power-up that they bring in their stats. Mages work with wands that are quite useful to level up, as well as deal damage to enemies at a distant range. There are two main wands in-game that are related to mage class: The Lesser Magic Wand and The Greater Magic Wand.

Lesser Magic Wand

It requires only level 10 in enchanting and is created with the help of the item “Lesser magic wand”. It is quite cheap and be brought from the auction house for a few silver coins.

Greater Magic Wand

Same as the lesser magic wand, but a greater version of it. It requires level 70 in enchanting to make it and can be purchased the same way from the auction house.

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