​WoW Classic Scarlet Monastery Gold Farming Guide Jan-24-2021

Dungeon scarlet monastery was one of the best farming spots on WoW Classic beta. Players farmed this dungeon not only for gold or equipment’s but also for the experience that can be gained from level 30-40. The following guide will list all the best gold farming ways relating to the Scarlet Monastery, as well as the best drops you can get.


- Silk Cloth

- Mageweave Cloth

- Large Knapsack

- Various Herbs

- Bind-on-Equip & Bind-on-Pickup Greens

- Bind-on-Equip & Bind-on-Pickup Blues

- Bind-on-Equip Epics


Huge Iron Bound Chest and Large Solid Chest are among the sorts of chests you'll discover in each wing of Scarlet Monastery. Huge Iron Bound Chest requires Lockpicking or a Golden Skeleton Key. Huge Solid Chest is free for anybody to open. Chests get an opportunity to drop a wide range of treats, remarkably including Large Knapsack, Herbs, other calling materials, cloth, BoE greens and blues and that's just the beginning.


According to the rundown above, you'll discover a huge load of materials inside Scarlet Monastery, especially important for Tailoring, First Aid that you can utilize yourself or sell on the Auction House.


You can also find a variety of herbs in the dungeon, which can also be found in various chests.


If you're an enchanter, having the option to Disenchant drops in Scarlet Monastery, and some other dungeons so far as that is concerned, can end up being very important. The key shard you're searching for is Small Radiant Shard, which is disenchanted from level 40-45 Rare things yet, in addition, gets an opportunity to come from Uncommon stuff, as well. Among these you may also find the following:


If you’re not of a rogue class with the ability lockpicking, but at the same time you are looking to farm at the scarlet monastery, you can open locked chests with the help of your crafted golden/true silver skeleton key.


Without saying, mage class is the best for AoE solo farming using the abilities such as Blizzard, Nova, Cone of Cold, Arcane Explosion, Evocation, Ice Block etc. This class can spend an entire day easily at level 60 farming dungeon.

The classes known for their stealth runs are Rogues & Druid, and because of their ability to lockpick chests in the dungeon, they have an advantage in terms of gold that is farmed per hour.

Solo farmers are the hunter & warlock class, but they’re not so good with their AoE or stealth. You can do an instance with one of these classes, but it won’t be as fast as compared to the other classes who can. Maraudon would be a good place for these two classes to quickly and efficiently solo farm.

Paladin class is great for farming in the following dungeon, alongside their abilities; Retribution Aura, Consecration, Blessing of Sanctuary, Thorium Shield Spike, Oil of Immolation and much more, as these abilities are a powerhouse.

Classes like warrior, priest and shaman can surely solo the dungeon at around level 60, but farming for them is going to take longer as compared to the other classes. However, Priest can mob things up and spam the ability of holy nova, where a warrior can join in and use his whirlwind or cleave ability.

Level 40

At around level 40, the player can farm all 4 wings of the dungeon with a group of 2DPS Warriors and 1 Paladin healer alongside him. If you mix & match a group of three, you can move at a solid pace, passing easily through each wing. You would need a healer as well because the DPS warrior or tank class can switch to sword and board when they feel it is necessary, while another DPS switches to speed up the kills.

In any case, if you’re going for a kite group. It is recommended that you pull more mobs than the group mentioned above, with a good amount of eating and drinking to heal your health or stamina. In groups like the one mentioned above., a single run may take up to 15-20min.

Epic Drops

With any horde you finish off all through the world, the ones inside Scarlet Monastery additionally get an opportunity of dropping Epic BoEs.

Level 30-39

The Staff of Jordan isn't just unimaginably notorious, yet it is so all around expressed that it stays practical at level 60, especially in stage 1. All things considered; it is regularly among the costliest item on the auction house despite its low level.  Epic quality items are regularly sold and bought at horribly expanded costs. When selling Epic quality things, it is normally insightful to begin high and lower the value gradually or search out the best proposal in the chat.


Every boss within the graveyard will drop at least one of the listed that are listed below. The bosses that are guaranteed to drop are Interrogator Vishas and Bloodmage Thalnos, whereas the other bosses like fallen champion and azshir the sleepless have a random chance of spawning.

Interrogator Vishas' Loot

- Bloody Brass Knuckles - 39 58

- Torturing Poker - 76 78

Bloodmage Thalnos' Loot

- Bloodmage Mantle - 21 84

- Orb of the Forgotten Seer - 54 68

Azshir the Sleepless' Loot (Rare)

- Necrotic Wand - 66 49

- Ghostshard Talisman - 34 82

- Blighted Leggings - 35 69

Fallen Champion's Loot (Rare)

- Embalmed Shroud - 26 89

- Ebon Vise - 22 32

- Morbid Dawn - 1 11 24

Ironspine's Loot (Rare)

- Ironspine's Ribcage - 53 20

- Ironspine's Eye - 43 8

- Ironspine's Fist - 88 36


Talking about the library, the area is really poor in terms of max profit or time consumption. Although, it does have a fair share of NPCs that drop the same items as the ones in the graveyard.

Houndmaster Loksey's Loot

- Dog Training Gloves - 16 6

- Dog Whistle - 63 75

- Loksey's Training Stick - 1 22 79

Averaging at 67 53 per kill.

Arcanist Doan's Loot

- Mantle of Doan - 8 81

- Robe of Doan - 11 71

- Illusionary Rod - 47 77

- Hypnotic Blade - 38 35

Averaging at 26 66 per kill.

Armoury & Cathedral


In case you're a capable AoE farmer, I would suggest Cathedral most importantly, trailed by Armory. Runners normally ranch Graveyard more than once. In any case, a ton relies upon your game’s economy just as your group and callings. How much worth a pile of Silk Cloth is will differ, much the same as the cost of a Scarlet Chestpiece. It's best first to choose which wing you will be equipped to farm in, what you can get from that wing, and cross-check the costs on the Auction House.

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