​WoW Classic Shadow Priest DPS Guide Mar-28-2021

All through this guide, we will cover a wide range of perspectives to expand your Shadow Priest mastery. The Priest is a spellcaster with a different variety of spells. This class has the most intense healing abilities, along with brilliant buffs. It likewise has great spells relating to defence, that can help party members from great difficulties and risks. Although, as an essential spellcaster, the priest is amazingly delicate, when talking about their health and melee power.

Shadow Priests are worked around two essential Spells, Shadow form and Shadow Weaving. In Shadow form, all Shadow Spells cast by the Priest will have to increase the damage that is dealt, which includes powered spells like Shadow Word: Pain, Mind Blast, and Mind Flay. During shadow form, the priest cannot project spells of holy nature. As compared to the other classes, Priests need to consider explicit Racial Spells. Every one of the Races in Azeroth practices their Religions, and every Religion has its Priests that use remarkable Spells to his/her uniqueness.

Shadow Priest in PVE

Shadow Priest will consistently be asked to re-spec into Holy, by their Guilds, by their companions, or even by outsiders in Azeroth. Be that as it may, there are two kinds of Shadow Priest out there, one that can refuse are the priests that are focused on the Darkness, and are not willing to betray it. Others will not refuse, disclosing to themselves that they will one day return down that way, feeling a liberating sensation when they slip once again into Shadow form. There only be one single fortunate priest who will act as Shadow in their Guild, with Shadow Weaving spells which support Warlock damage by a critical sum. While it isn't quite a bit of an honour to be that Priest, it is still exceptionally rewarding with regards to experience.

DPS Shadow Priests


Priests have extraordinarily powerful spells like Psychic Scream, Dispel Magic and Silence, Shadow Priest are truly impressive in PVP worlds or even situations with controlled duals. Shadow Priests are additionally quite possibly the most troublesome Classes to finish off. They have a lot of self-healing occurring from the Vampiric Embrace spell. This also triggers off of each Tick of Shadow Word: Pain, same as the level damage decrease in shadow form.

As mentioned above, a Shadow Priest only has a single in a 40-man Raid, as a result of the incredible de-buff Shadow Weaving. Since just a single Shadow Priest is brought to a Raid, fortunately, the Shadow Priest will not need to rival other Shadow Priests for gear, yet it is essential to keep in mind that there is no specific gear for shadow priests. Since Damage isn't a need, a Shadow Priest should only focus on what matters, that is the MP5. However, they can change later into the Phases, when far better items are being dropped, and Bosses are getting difficult to kill.


Since Shadow Priest run out of Mana so rapidly, Consumables, for example, Major Mana Potion, Dark Rune, Demonic Rune, and Night Dragon's Breath are important to be carried by the player during a raid. Since this class have a wider bag slot, it is recommended to carry other items like Mage blood potions or Night fin soups.

Despite the fact that there is just a single Priest in the Raid, pretty much every Damage related equipment is moved past warlocks and mages and almost every MP5 gear is also moved past holy priests, restoration shamans and holy paladins. Since there is only one shadow priest brought into a raid, there are many a time when they're asked by guild members to re-spec into holy and turn towards healing in raids, which is the best thing to do to go through a successful raid with only one shadow priest.

Shadow Priest Races (Best for Alliances)

Human Priest

People are a genuinely exceptional addition for Shadow Priests because of their ability to use Mana Burn. Human is vastly improved for Holy Priests, making use of the Human Spirit, since the Holy Gear doesn't frequently have Spirit on it, encouraging the advantage of Meditation spell. That being said, Humans are continually going to be dominated by the Dwarf, as they have access to Fear Ward and is the best Alliance Priest spell. 

Dwarf Priest

Dwarves are the best Priest Race for Alliance, period. Talking about PVP, Fear Ward is simply excessively amazing. With regards to Shadow Priest, it tends to be somewhat interesting, in light of the fact that Fear Ward is a Holy Spell, which restricts you from casting it while in Shadow form. In any case, even in the wake of considering this, it is still too acceptable to even think about leaving it behind. The Dwarf Priest will cast Fear Ward on themselves, and in case of major difficulty in a Raid or Battleground, the Fear will be Resisted, and afterwards, the Priest can use the spell Dispel Magic on their partners, eliminating their Fears.

Night Elf Priest

Night Elf is a very decent PVP Shadow Priest Race, unquestionably better than Humans. On account of how frequently a Shadow Priest will run out of mana, having a solid Racial, for example, Shadow meld will empower a Priest to drop down and restore Mana by drinking potions, without enemy disturbing. This class spells are somewhat pointless; Elune's Grace and Star shards don't do much of a help for the Shadow Priest class. With the possibility of 5% in dodging, the spell Elune's Grace expands the possibility to 15%, in other words, you won't be able to dodge a lot, so it's kind of pointless.

Shadow Priest Races (Best for Hordes)

Undead Priest

Un-dead is the best Priest for Horde. They have a more extended cooldown for Fear Ward. After the Undead Priest uses Will of the Forsaken, they would then be able to Dispel Magic on their partners, eliminating their Fear De-buffs. Also, the Devouring Plague spell has a crazy Damage after some time capacity. Sadly, Undead Priests don't use this spell in PVE because of the slots, as well as the consequence that comes after casting it.

Troll Priest

Trolls are unreasonably treated with regards to Priest class. The spell Hex of Weakness is 100% more terrible than the Un-dead's Touch of Weakness. Hex costs more Mana and doesn't deal damage when it triggers. Although Shadow guard damages when the Troll is attacked, it just does 50 more damage than the spell "Touch of Weakness". Shadow guard can also trigger the Blackout spell, which is quite helpful during PVP circumstances. offer you the best classic wow gold all the time, fullstock & 24/7 online service, hope you like us.