​WoW Classic Stockade Guide Feb-07-2021

Stockade is a dungeon for level 24-30 that is located in the alliance city of the Storm wind. The portal for instance is placed at the north-eastern corner of the mage quarter. This dungeon was specially designed to serve as a prison for criminals/crooks of storm wind city, but for a good period, the area is under threat. This dungeon was never designed to be an instance, as the basicity and loot table of NPCs says everything.

You can get to the stockade dungeon by heading north-east of the mage quarter and then finding the meeting stone, right outside the entrance. For hordes, getting to the location is quite challenging and many players end up skipping. As for adventurers that are willing to try, be prepared to take all your equipment’s off, as you’ll have to run several times through the dungeon. Best way to get there would be by taking zeppelin to grom’gol base camp in the strangle thorn vale. However, most of the players play it safe by swimming to the coast, just north of the shoreline until they hit the tip of the west fall from the south side, and then heading east to the elwynn forest, straight into the storm wind city.

Dungeons are typically finished with five players. Speaking about the classes that are recommended for this dungeon run, please read below.

A tank to hold danger, absorb the damage from hits, and forestall the enemy hordes from killing the DPS and healer. Generally, a Tank Warrior wielding a shield and utilizing legitimate danger generating capacities like Sunder Armor and Shield Slam. All classes can deal DPS, yet the most famous DPS while levelling is Mage, Warrior, Rogue, Warlock, and Hunter. Crossbreeds aka Hybrids can DPS, yet they will generally wind-up healing. A healer to keep the group alive, and revive dead players. Typically, a Healing Priest because of their adaptable healing abilities and buff words likes; Fortitude, however Druids, Paladins, and Shaman can likewise heal themselves or the others. The Stockade has packs of most, if not all, at least the melee mobs. AoE abilities are extraordinary here, however, if necessary, as most of the hordes are humanoid, they are anything but difficult to CC. A few instances of good group control to utilize are; rogue, priest and mage.

Regular Mobs

Defias Prisoner

One of the most annoying mobs in the entire dungeon, because of the ability ‘disarm’ that they possess. This ability can make it a nightmare for everyone in the group, especially tanks. So, a good strategy would be to either use CC on one when there is a group of multiple mobs or ask your DPS to wait for 10 seconds before damaging.


Targorr the Dread

A level 24 elite orc that can be found in one of the dungeons cells. He has the ability to use Dual wield, Enrage and Thrash on his opponents. While getting into the room where the boss it, make sure to CC one of the Defias in the surroundings before approaching him. Let your tank pick up the remaining mobs and move targorr away from the CC(d) one, this will allow all the DPS to nuke down the add first and then switch to the boss. It is best that you kill the CC(d) one first and then move onto the boss so that there are mobs around to get in between the fight.

Kam Deepfury

A level 27 elite dwarf that can be found in one of the cells in the north-east section of the dungeon. The boss has the ability to use Defensive Stance, Improved Blocking and Shield Slam. Just like the other bosses in the dungeon, this boss is surrounded with defias as well. So, before you engage make sure you CC one and then move onto the boss, the same way it was done with Targorr the Dread.


A level 28 elite Ogre that can be found in the last eastern room of the stockade dungeon. He can use Bloodlust, as well as Chain lightning. One should be careful while approaching him, because of his ability Chain Lightning that can deal heavy damage to a group. It is also recommended that you fight him while all the members of the group are spread out, as this would avoid the amount of damage from the ability that the boss uses.

Bazil Thredd

A level 29 elite human that can be found in the eastern corner of the stockade dungeon. He has the ability to use Battle Shout, Dual Wield and Smoke Bomb. Killing this boss is a simple tank & spank theory, but be wary of his ability Smoke bomb as it can be difficult for groups if the spell is cast. Bazil deals more damage to a single target, as compared to a group, so if you have any hybrids DPS in your group, ask him/her to support the healer and the tank when needed.

Dextren Ward

A level 26 elite human that can be found in the western corner of the dungeon. He has the ability to use Battle Stance, Intimidating Shout and Strike. Being one of the most challenging bosses because of his ability intimidating shout, make sure that you clear the room before approaching him, so that no extra adds are pulled in during the fight. If in any case, you do pull one, make sure to CC him first and then continue to fight Dextren. If you follow the strategy and keep the fight clean, there shouldn’t be any problem in defeating him.

Bruegal Ironnuckle

This boss is the easiest one in the dungeon and is a rare spawn that you may find during your dungeon run. He is rare because of his drop table (loot), which are; Prison Shank, Iron Knuckles and Jimmied Handcuffs.

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