​WoW Classic TBC Jewelcrafting Guide Jul-18-2021

Jewelcrafting is a new addition added to The Burning Crusade that allows you to crafts various items, such as Trinkets, Gems, Necklaces, Crowns, Healing Statues, and Rings. This profession is paired up with the Mining skill because the raw materials used to craft these items are mostly drawn out from the ores using an ability called Prospecting. Recipes for Jewelcrafting are added for both Classic 1 to 300, and The Burning Crusade 300 to 375 levels. So, if you wish to become a master in this profession, you’ll first need to level up from 1 to 300, and only then move onto the Outlands for the further levels.


Using the ability ‘Prospecting’ means to convert 5 ores into a raw material used for Jewelcrafting. During this process, the ore is destroyed, but the result is fruitful. Depending on the type of ore that is being prospected, it may yield anything from lower to middle-quality Gems or Powders, such as Copper Powder, Fel Iron Powder, or Adamantite Powder.


Mining plays a vital role in the Jewelcrafting Profession since, without it, you cannot gain any raw materials which are used to craft items. A good suggestion for the best production profession is pairing up with Alchemy, as there are two types of gem-transmutes that allows you to create special diamonds. These diamonds are used for manufacturing Meta Gems using Transmute: Earth Storm Diamond and Transmute: Sky Fire Diamond. However, this method is only suggested for players that have a reliable source of mining the materials or have extra money on their hands to spend.

Best Races / Classes – To Learn Jewelcrafting

There aren’t any best classes for this profession and anyone can benefit from it. The reason is that every race requires jewellery and gems that can be added to the gear sockets. However, the Draenei Alliance has a trait called Gem-cutting, which provides +5 to the skill in The Burning Crusade. So, if you’re planning to go with this alliance, it’s natural that you make your character a Jewelcrafter.

Jewelcrafting Trainers in TBC (The Burning Crusade)

Trainers for levels 1 to 300 Jewelcrafting can be found in The Exodar (Farii), Silvermoon City (Kalinda), and Eversong Woods (Aleinia). You also have the choice of gaining these levels from the 300 to 375 trainers available in the Outlands; Tatiana in Hellfire Penninsula (Honor Hold), Kalaen in Hellfire Penninsula (Thrallmar), Hamanar in Shattrath (Aldor’s Rise), and Jazdalaad in Netherstorm (Stormspire). To train Master Jewelcrafting you must have a minimum level of 275, along with a character level of 50 or above.

Gaining Reputation

There are numerous reputations in TBC that offers Jewelcrafting Designs. The image below will give you a good idea of the reputations that provide the designs, along with the number of recipes that they have to offer and the reputations level needed to acquire them. There are only two factions for Jewelcrafting Designs; The Shattered Sun and The Scale of the Sands.

Consortium Gem Bags

In other words, this is basically the Jewelcrafter’s faction. The more you grow in reputation ranks, the faster they start to consider you an employee. As you know employees get paid with monthly salary, so you’ll be paid in gems that can be drawn once per month from Gezhe in Nagrand.

The Gem bags can contain any number of green or blue-quality gems (blue: high tier gems), and the higher your reputation, the more gems you’ll receive. Friendly pays Gem-Stuffed Envelope, Honored pays Unmarked Bag of Gems, Revered pays Bulging Sack of Gems, and Exalted pays Bag of Premium Gems.

Scryer or Aldor?

Are you confused about which reputation to choose, because you cannot pick both at the same time? Well, it’s totally up to you depending upon which quartermaster you would like to go for. Quartermaster Endarin (Aldor) offers Design: Gleaming Golden Draenite, Royal Shadow Draenite, and Pendant of Shadow’s End, whereas, Quartermaster Enuril (Scryer) offers Design: Runed Blood Garnet, and Pendant of Withering. Even though Aldor offers an extra recipe, you still have to decide on which shoulder gear enchant would be best suited for your class.

Crafting Items

A plus point is that Jewelcrafting doesn’t require you to travel to any specific area to craft. However, you will need a Forge if you’re planning to smelt bars. There are few tools that you’ll need and they can be purchased from the Jewelcrafting vendor nearby the profession trainers. You’ll have two items to choose from; (1) Jeweler’s Kit for crafting Right, Necklaces, Crowns, and Trinkets, and (2) Simple Grinder for cutting gems. Aside from these, many farmed ingredients are needed to craft items, and even though designs are learned from the trainers, there are also other designs that can be obtained from reputation vendors, drops, or other sources in the Outlands.

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