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WoW Classic: Top 7 Advices for Alliance Players

Oct-30-2019 PST
Whether you are playing the WOW classic for the first time, or you are a veteran of Warcraft, it is hard to deny that many changes have taken place in the past 15 years, but we believe that these basic WOW classic tips will have Help you to take the first step through Azeroth through time and space. Of course, you shouldn't expect to reach level 60 within a few days though you may have enough WOW classic gold, but these tips should help you master the old-fashioned MMOs when you re-familiar with WOW classic.

1. Get bags as soon as you can

f you are lucky, you may see the bag drop when you ask, but if you can't, then you have two ways to get your bag. You can use the Tailoring profession to make your own, or you can ask in the General or Trade chat if a tailor can make it for you – if you have the mat you need, most players will be happy to make it, maybe just ask for a tip, not a certain cost of. Do not drop bags when upgrading; use them to increase bank space or store them for later use. When you use them, most of the smaller bags are not tied, so you can send them to any other role you might want to use in the future.

2. Loot everything!

In the classic version of WOW, the bag space is invaluable, but if you want to be able to afford horse riding skills and get a mount at level 40, then gold coins are also the same. Therefore, it is best to pick up all the items that the enemy has dropped, even if it can mean more visits to the supplier than you want. Gray items (garbage) can be sold immediately without worry, but manual reagents may or may not be used in the future. Whether you want to store them in a bank or mail them to other roles to free up space, it depends on you, please note that there is a small fee for mailing mail.

3. Learn a profession (or two)

Professions is a great way to make gold or make equipment, and when you are traveling in Azeroth, you can use them to simplify your life. Before you try, it's worth doing some research, so you know which ones are the best majors to study with your class. For example, choosing “skinning” and “skinning” will not make the hunter make a mistake because the latter allows you to make leather and mailing equipment. Other good pairings are enchantment and tailoring (you can break down many of the equipment made), alchemy and herbs, while forging (or engineering) works well with mining.

4. Don't buy all your skills

At every two levels, you should visit your class trainer to find out which new skills you can purchase, but that doesn't mean you should buy all the new skills available. It's worth taking a few minutes to review a specific class guide to see which skills should be prioritized for leveling and to learn the rest of the skills later (hopefully) having more money to play or you can choose to enjoy UP TO 8% CLASSIC BONUS on our website!

5. Group up if you can

Although the penalties for the top ten levels are not too high, it is certainly worthwhile to do so when teaming up with other players to make the task easier to manage. If you try to perform tasks alone, even non-elite tasks can be unbearable, especially when the enemy is concentrated in an area. If you're in a group, crawling the task can be a bit painful, because the drop rate for such tasks is usually low, but once you've considered the speed of killing things in your group, it's worth sticking to your friends or looking for a guild.

6. Play with your keybindings

Although the default key binding is fine, if you're used to playing modern Warcraft, or even if you're completely unfamiliar with Azeroth, it's worth trying out the key bindings and making adjustments to suit you. I never move the keyboard, so for me, the first thing I have to do is move the shortcut down to "A" and "D", releasing the "Q" and "E" skills. Another change I made quickly was to switch bindings so that pressing "B" would open all my bags, not just one. Oh, although technically this is not a key binding, press "V" as this will enable the enemy's nameplate and give you a better visual effect of the enemy's health.

7. Consider using addons

To make the experience as close as possible to the original version, you might avoid using add-ons in WOW Classic and choose to buy gold classic WOW, but it's worth a look at the available components. Obviously, depending on your personal preferences, you should play the game at your own discretion, but there are no add-ons that prevent you from dying about 50,000 deaths (maybe a bit exaggerated) before reaching the highest level. So if you can see the mission goal on your map and make you feel better when you run the ninth body in the day, then let me know!