WoW Classic VS WoW Retail: Which is Better Dec-31-2019

Which is better, WoW retail or classic? It is one of the most hotly contested subjects in nerdom. Here, most of players hold that WoW Classic is better than WoW Retail. Here are the five reasons why WoW Classic is better than Retail. If you have different opinions, please leave your valuable comments.

The Grind

This is the first thing each wow classic gold player thinks about, and it's stupid to argue, because it's all a matter of opinion. If you prefer Classic over Retail, this is the main reason. Whether you like or hate grinding to the highest level. This is more difficult and time consuming in Classic, and that's the point.

Your quests, adventures and friends along the way in the Classic World of Warcraft experience. The time you send time is closely related to other important aspects of old-fashioned games, such as community that everyone likes very much.

The Community

Contrary to popular belief, gamers do not live a lonely or secluded life. We are not all hermits hiding in the basement. The social component of Classic WoW I is an important reason why it is so popular.

Just like in modern World of Warcraft, players need to get together to complete missions, defeat bosses and assault opposing factions, but you must join a guild or enter the industry chat and find some friends in the old fashioned way. You can't forget who is in your pickup group (PUG) with just a few mouse clicks. Features like LFG and Guild Finder are handy, but they take away what people love about games.

The Original Stranglethorn Fishing Contest

The weekly event is so popular that it is not only reprinted in every expansion, but also exported to every continent, and even survived the wrath of Deathwing during the Cataclysm.

It all started with the classic World of Warcraft. In the early days of the game, it was much more difficult to win unless you have enough cheap classic wow gold. If you are using a PvP server, there are a number of other challenges that need to be addressed in the disputed area of Stranglethorn Vale. Winning is a huge badge of honor, one of the achievements listed in modern World of Warcraft.

The Brill Tavern

The tavern, whether it's in an Azerothian city, a space station, or a DnD module, is where most of the role-playing and storyline action takes place. The Brill Tavern had a claim to fame as a dark, dreary place where hope and love went to die, quite the opposite of its shiny, happy counterpart of Goldshire.

That's the point, as Brill was a vision of what happened to a Human kingdom after it had been ravaged by the Scourge. A chilling reminder of what could happen to Stormwind and Elwynn Forest should the other half of humanity fall. In later expansions, Brill was changed and expanded considerably as the Forsaken tightened its grip on Tirifal Glades, and the tavern is now completely different significantly. The loss of unique music was the most disappointing change.


Another point of view may itself be a highly controversial issue: the imbalance between characters and the design of certain defective items make Twinks possible. Oh, did we ignore the enchant cap? Do we set the project to BoE instead of BoP?

Oh, well, no one will think of it, especially a Rogue or a Mage who is interested in PvP. Let's face it, you think Twinks are great, as long as you got to be one.