WoW: The Gods of Zul'Aman! Preview of Phase 4 of TBC Classic Mar-07-2022

Friends of cultivated nostalgia, we are slowly approaching the finale of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic! But before we set foot on the island of Quel'Danas and stuff Kil'jaeden back into wow tbc gold the hole, a flying visit to the ghost lands is on the agenda. There the troll raid Zul'Aman will open its doors with the upcoming content phase 4.

More than just Zul'Gurub 2.0

Already in Vanilla-WoW, the Blizzard developers had brought a troll instance to Azeroth with Zul'Gurub, which perfectly managed to appeal to experienced raid guilds and raid newcomers alike. And it was exactly this balancing act that Zul'Aman mastered wonderfully in Burning Crusade.

On the one hand, nine friends and pieces of equipment from Karazhan are enough to celebrate the first successes in the troll raid of the ghost lands. Perfect for twinks and small communities! The rewards are clothes and weapons that are better than comparable loot from the Serpentshrine or Tempest Keep. With such upgrades, twinks can be well prepared for the Black Temple, the Battle of Hyjal or the final content phase. On the other hand, the developers have built in a special time challenge that you can use to earn additional goodies - including a ring at Tier 6 level and the Amani War Bear, which was very coveted at the time.

Unlike the mounts from Zul'Gurub, the latter mount has a 100 percent certainty if you knock out the first four bosses within the time limit. However, only one from the raid can bag the bear. In fact, there were various progress guilds at the time that eventually sold the war bear to interested players, sometimes for a five-figure gold sum, which was still a fortune in the TBC era.

The first arrival

Zul'Aman is located in the southeastern part of the Ghostlands, which is one of the Blood Elf starting regions. Followers of the Horde are best off taking the Silvermoon City route. The fighters under the blue lion banner of the Alliance fly from Ironforge to Light's Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands. From there you ride north to get to the Ghostlands.

In front of the instance, both factions each have a flight point that is important for future arrivals. Also bag all the quests here, because the rewards are numerous: in addition to gold, you get a bag with twenty slots and badges of justice that you can never have enough of.

The animal quartet

Just six bosses await you in Zul'Aman, which have spread widely throughout the open-air instance. Four of the meanies rely on animal aspects that grant them special abilities. Nalorakk is the bear lord. He is very durable, applies bleed effects and strikes with a brutal swipe. He also attacks random players. Akil'zon is in turn an eagle god who relies on lightning and wind attacks and rushes birds on you.

Jan'alai challenges her in third place. Dragonhawk Avatar uses Flame Breath and Fire Bombs. In addition, brood guardians appear from time to time, running to the dragonhawk eggs in the side areas to hatch them. Then it's on to the lynx god Halazzi, who likes to get into a frenzy and torments tanks with his saber blow. There are also annoying ghosts, dangerous lightning totems and a life-stealing flame shock.

Only if you get rid of the four animal gods within the time limit do you get the full bonus loot! Here you can see Lynx avatar Halazzi, who has some shaman moves up his sleeve.

Time Trial Details

You must defeat these four animal gods as quickly as possible in order to earn the war bear. The clock only starts ticking when you speak to Harrison Jones in the entrance area of ??the instance. From then on you have 20 minutes to knock out the first of the four meanies. If you succeed, you save one of four hostages and thus extend the time window for you: Nalorakk brings 15 minutes, Akil'zon another ten minutes.

In total, you have exactly 45 minutes to free all four prisoners. Sounds like a lot, but November 2007 was challenging even for experienced players. Nice: Even if you don't save all the hostages, additional loot beckons. Each rescued troll has its own loot box linked to it. However, you can only find the chic bear mount in the fourth box.

Hexlord Malacrass is not only flanked by several henchmen, you also have to clear his bodyguard out of the way beforehand. By the way, here you can see the 5-player version of Zul'Aman from Cataclysm.

Malacrass and Zul'Jin

We have left out the last two bosses for you. After defeating the animal quartet, you may challenge Hexlord Malacrass in the east. Like Moroes from Karazhan, flanked by random minions that you control or knock out. There are also shadow salvos from the boss, which is also getting stronger because it drains your powers. In the finale, you'll face off against Warlord Zul'Jin, who uses warrior skills and best place to buy wow classic tbc gold is supported by the other animal aspects. A total of five phases await you here!