Tailoring Guide Apr-21-2020

Welcome to our guide for Tailoring in WoW Classic. Tailoring involves creating a wide variety of items such as cloth armour, as well as items like storage bags and shirts. Yes, tailoring can be quite a profitable profession to endeavour in. In this guide, we’ve compiled the best ways to get to 300 in Tailoring, as well as some neat tips and tricks to assist you on the way. (Click here if you missed our Classic Fishing Levelling Guide last week)

Professions & Classes

In our opinion, the best professional to pair with Tailoring has got to be Enchanting. This is because you can convert the cloth into tailored items, and then disenchant them.

In regard to classes, most players have Tailoring with Mages, Priests and Warlocks, as you can craft some tailoring-only set bonuses, and tailoring-only bags.

Trainer Locations

Alliance Trainers

To start off the alliance trainers, we’ll first mention the Journeyman trainers (75-150). There’s Uthrar Threx, located at the Great Forge in Ironforge, at the building named ‘Stonebrow’s Clothier’ (43.6, 28.2). Then, there’s Trianna, located at the Craftsmen’s Terrace in Darnassus, at the building which has the tailoring sign (63.6, 21.6). Next, there’s Lawrence Schneider, who is at the Mage Quarter in Stormwind City, in the building called ‘Duncan’s Textiles’ (43.6, 73.8). You can find Grondal Moonbreeze at Auberdine in Darkshore, in the northernmost building (38.2, 40.6). Eldrin is located at the Eastvale Logging Camp, in Elywynn Forest, specifically inside a house that’s on the west side (79.2, 69). Moving onto the expert trainers (150-225), you can find Sellandus at the Mage Quarter in Stormwind City, in the building named ‘Larson Clothiers’ (42, 76.2). There’s Me’lynn at the Craftsmen’s Terrace in Darnassus; the building has a tailoring sign (62.6, 22.6). Jormund Stonebrow is at the Great Forge in Ironforge, at the ‘Stonebrow’s Clothier’ building (43.2, 29). For the artisan trainer (225-300), it’s Timothy Worthington, located at the Theramore Isle in Dustwallow Marsh, in a two-story building on the south side (66.2, 51.6).

Horde Trainers

With the Horde trainers, we’ll first go through the Journeyman trainers (75-150). To start, there’s Victor Ward, found at the Magic Quarter in Undercity, in the inner cloister (70.2, 29.6). After Victor Ward, there’s Vhan, located at the central bluff in Thunder Bluff, and inside the Thunder Bluff Armourers tent (44, 44.6). Next. Snag is located at the Drag in Orgrimmar, in the ‘Magar’s Cloth Goods’ building (63, 49.6). Kil’hala is located at the Crossroads in the Barrens, in a tent on the south side (52.2, 31.6). There’s also Bowen Brisboise, located at the Cold Hearth Manor in Tirisfal Glades, at the farmstead that is West of Brill (52.6, 55.6). Moving onto the expert trainers (150-225), there’s Tepa, who is located the central bluff in Thunder Bluff, in the Thunder Bluff Armorers tent (44.2, 45). Rhiannon Davis is found at the Magic Quarter in Undercity, specifically in the inner cloister (70.2, 30.2). Almost finished! Mahani can be found the Camp Taurajo in The Barrens, in the larger hut (44.8, 59.4). And Magar is located at the Drag in Orgrimmar, at the building ‘Magar’s Cloth Goods’ (63.6, 50). For the Artisan trainer (225-300), it’s Daryl Stack, located at the Tarren Mill in Hillsbrad Foothills, inside of the ruined chapel (63.6, 20.8).

Neutral Trainers

For the neutral trainers, there’s Grarnik Goodstitch, who is an expert trainer located at Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale, in the elevated building named ‘A Tailor to Cities’ (28.6, 76.8). There’s also Meilosk the master tailor, located in the Timbermaw Hold in Felwood, at the junction that is between Moonglade, Felwood and Winterspring (65.6, 2.8). You’ll need a neutral reputation with the Timbermaw Hold to speak to them.

How to Craft Gear

To craft tailoring gear, first have all the crafting materials in your bag. Then open your spell book. Look for the tailoring icon and click on it. Then, select a recipe and click create. It’s as easy as that!

Levelling Guide

Similar to all professions in WoW classic, you can gain skill points in tailoring by performing a tailor specific action. The frequency at which you gain these skill points is relative to your current skill level. As you know, the colour codes are orange, which always grants a skill point, yellow, which frequently grants a skill point, green, which infrequently grants a skill point, and grey, which doesn’t grant a skill point. The skill levels are Apprentice (1-75), Journeyman (75-150), Expert (150-225), and Artisan (225-300).

To get from 1 to 75, you need 218 linen cloth, 55 coarse thread and 5 red dye. Make bolt of linen cloth until 40, then heavy linen cloth until 60, then red linen cloth until 65, then reinforced linen cape until 75.

To get from 75 to 150, you’ll need 225 wool cloth, 120 silk cloth, 45 fine thread, 10 grey dye and 10 blue dye. Make bolt of woollen cloth to 100, then grey woollen shirt to 110, then double-stitched woollen shoulders to 125, then bolt of silk cloth to 145, then azure silk hood to 150.

To get from 150 to 225, you’ll need 740 silk cloth, 150 mage weave cloth, 75 fine thread, 60 red dye, 45 silken thread, 20 blue dye and 10 bleach. Get to 160 by making azure silk hoods, then silk headband to 170, then formal white shirt to 175, then bolt of mage weave to 185, then crimson silk vest to 205, then crimson silk pantaloons to 215, then black mage weave leggings to 220, then black mage weave gloves to 225.

Almost done! To get from 225 to 300, you’ll need 350 mage weave cloth, 775 rune cloth, 100 rugged leather, 40 rune thread, 30 heavy silken thread, and the pattern for rune cloth gloves. Make black mage weave gloves to 230, then black mage weave headband to 250, then bolt of rune cloth to 260, then rune cloth belt to 275, then rune cloth gloves to 300.

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